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Who Is the New Boyfriend of Josh Flagg? Revealed Identity!

Are you curious about Josh Flagg’s new boyfriend? The relationship between the real estate agent and his new significant other appears to be rather serious. Why? Because he has already made plans to marry. Seriously? Yes! Let’s examine Josh Flagg’s fame before delving deeper into his current living circumstances.

Beginning with the fundamentals, Joshua Daniel Flagg is widely recognized as the constant realtor on the Bravo series Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Josh, unbeknownst to you, is one of the most well-regarded real estate brokers in California. Josh Flagg, who was born on 20 August 1985, is currently 37 years old. According to the program, he is from Los Angeles, California, United States. Additionally, Josh is a television personality.

He was featured on television programs such as Watch What Happens: Live and Good Morning America. Additionally, he appeared in Forbes and Variety. Unbeknownst to you, Josh Flagg also possesses excellent writing talents. Yes, he is also a writer. He has written several novels. 2011 saw the publication of Million Dollar Agent: Brokering the Dream.

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Returning to his personal life, Josh Flagg’s 2017 marriage to Bobby Boyd terminated in March of this year. During their divorce, Josh undoubtedly met and fell in love with a new partner. If you are wondering who Josh Flagg’s new lover is, the information is provided below.

Josh Flagg’s New Boyfriend

Josh Flagg’s new lover, Andrew Beyer, is discussed in terms of his romantic interest. In the first teaser for Season 14 of Million Dollar Listing in Los Angeles, the realtor introduced his new love interest, much to everyone’s surprise and delight. Josh Flagg has also disclosed that he began dating Andrew a few weeks after separating from Bobby.

In case you were wondering, Andrew, Josh Flagg’s new lover, is also a real estate agent. In Season 14, the new pair made their debut during a romantic meal. This demonstrates how much Andrew and Josh love one other. Andrew stated, “I feel as though I’m on a never-ending sleepover with my closest buddy.” In this message, he referred to him as his angel and expressed his undying love for him.

Josh and Andrew have been in a relationship for a few months now. As a pair, they are doing well, although things are not entirely easy. Why? This is due to Bobby, Josh’s prior partner. They jointly possess property, and none of them wishes to sell it.

Josh Flagg has already discussed his upcoming nuptials with Andrew Beyer, putting aside the celebrations. Once, the former stated that he would not date someone with whom he did not wish to spend the rest of his life. Why? Because it was only a means of passing the time. In April, Josh Flagg made public on social media his love involvement with Andrew Beyer.

Who Is the New Boyfriend of Josh Flagg? Revealed Identity!

When asked about his choice to leave his long-term marriage, the real estate agent affirmed that it was not made abruptly or in a hurry. Why did they part ways? There was no shortage of affection, but both partners were maturing in distinct ways and had different expectations for their partnership. Andrew, Josh Flagg’s new lover, is reportedly only 23 years old.

There is a significant age gap between them, yet they are both eager to tie the wedding. However, it will not occur anytime soon. When asked how it began, Josh replied, “It was mutual. We were buddies briefly. It just occurred naturally.

Josh Flagg’s future is filled with nothing but good fortune. He hopes that his relationship with Andrew continues to strengthen. Josh, the real estate agent, may be followed on Instagram for more updates.