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Who is Talita Von Furstenberg’s Boyfriend?

Are you curious about Talita Von Furstenberg’s boyfriend? Yes, we are discussing the socialite who is now in the news for holding First Wellness Day. How is her personal life going? Is she in a relationship with anyone? Prior to proceeding, let’s examine Talita Von Furstenberg’s significance.

Talita Von Furstenberg is not only a socialite, but she is also a professional fashion designer and model. She introduced her first fashion label, TvF for DvF, in 2019. Talita, who was born on 7 May 1999, is currently 23 years old. Unknown to many, she is the daughter of Prince Alexander von Fürstenberg and Alexandra Miller.

As a model, Talita Von Furstenberg appeared in publications such as Teen Vogue and Vanity Fair. She walked the runway for Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week in 2017. Talita previously worked for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, but as an intern and not a full-time employee. In case you were unaware, her fashion label mostly targets young people. Currently, Talita is extremely keen on expanding variety and diversity.

Talita Von Furstenberg on following in her grandmother Diane Von Furstenberg's footsteps with her fashion brand | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard

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To return to Talita Von Furstenberg’s personal life, capturing a princess’ heart is not everyone’s cup of tea. Don’t you concur? Nonetheless, Talita has a very special person in her life. Who is this lucky individual? The following is what we know about Talita Von Furstenberg’s boyfriend.

Meet Talita Von Furstenberg’s Boyfriend

Rocco Brignone is Talita Von Furstenberg’s boyfriend, in reference to her romantic partner. In case you were wondering, Rocco is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Natator. It is a holding business that provides alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Even though Ricco is not a prince, he comes from a wealthy and high-society family.

Talita Von Furstenberg’s Boyfriend, Rocco comes from a very rich, banking family. They also own a private estate resort, Costa Careyes. It is located in Costalegre, Mexico. How did they meet? Well, Talita and Rocco are reported to be family friends. So, it is very much evident that they are supported and blessed by both families, as a couple. Also, both their parents are said to have attended Brown University. That’s how and where things did start.

In 2018, they traveled to the Bahamas, after which Talita and Rocco became closer to each other. When asked about her beau, the socialite said that she loves and enjoys quiet date nights with him. Why? Well, that’s because Rocco cooks the meat and vegetables, and she makes a berry cobbler. That’s what she said.

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As we all know that Talita Von Furstenberg is a fashion enthusiast. Last year, she attended the Met Gala event along with her beau, Ricco, and her grandmother, Diane. She plunged into a metallic gold gown and walked onto the red carpet. Her look was more like a “Golden Goddess.” Do you know who designed her gown? It was her grandmother.

Regarding their relationship, it is unknown precisely when Talita Von Furstenberg and Ricco Brignone began dating. According to reports, it will not be available until at least 2019. They have never publicly declared their love relationship. On social media, their humorous photographs and kind messages helped us get along. It is very clear that Talita and Ricco are deeply in love.

Ricco and Talita have traveled together to a variety of locations, including Italy and Greece. Both like exploring new locations throughout the globe. Walking on the red carpet demonstrated Ricco’s unwavering support for his fiancée. If you are curious about their relationship status, Talita and Ricco are both young and unengaged. They appear to be in a very serious relationship but are now focused on their separate careers.

For additional updates on Talita Von Furstenberg’s life, you may follow her Instagram account. I wish her the best of luck! She hopes that her nice and solid friendship with Ricco would last forever.

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