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Who is Katheryn Winnick’s husband in 2022? Details about her dating life

Who is Katheryn Winnick’s husband in 2022: Throughout the majority of the 2010s, audiences were captivated by a love tale starring Katheryn Winnick. The Canadian actress portrayed the Norse legend Lagertha in the History channel’s epic series Vikings.

Lagertha was the wife of Danish warrior and monarch Ragnar Lothbrok, who was portrayed by Australian actor Travis Fimmel in the television series. The connection between the actors was one of the reasons why the program, which was originally conceived as a miniseries, became so successful and continued for six seasons.

Ragnar and Lagertha’s marriage ended in the second season when Winnick’s character departed Ragnar’s kingdom of Kattegat with her son Bjorn Ironside. Despite this, the relationship between the two remained essential to the storyline until the very conclusion of the program.

While Lagertha’s love life was literally on everyone’s lips and on their fingers, the actress has managed to keep her real-life dating profile under wraps.

Katheryn Winnick is a Canadian actress whose film credits include Stand Up Guys, Failure to Launch, Love & Other Drugs, and Killers. She is well recognized for her portrayal as Lagertha in the Emmy-winning television series Vikings.

Katheryn made a Wu Assassins and Vikings episode. She also appears in the popular video game Call of Duty. Katheryn is one of the actors with third-degree black belts in both Taekwondo and Karate.

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Katheryn Winnick Dating Someone, Is She Married? (Update 2022)

Who is Katheryn Winnick's husband in 2022? Details about her dating life

Regarding relationships, Katheryn Winnick prefers to maintain a low profile. Currently, Winnick is not married. She’s involved with Michael Persall.

Even though Winnick has a well-known name, her partner did not share her background. Michael Persall, her lover, is a prosperous businessman. They appeared to be quite happy together.

is She dating Travis Fimmel? Rumors or True

Who is Katheryn Winnick's husband in 2022? Details about her dating life

It was claimed that Katheryn was dating her co-star Travis Fimmel.

On-screen, they were in love, but in real life, there is no spark. When Katheryn hears rumors concerning her romantic life, she rejects them. As she is focused on her profession, she keeps her personal life to herself.

Katheryn was sighted with Nick Loeb, Sofia Vergara’s ex-fiance, in 2015. Winnick dismissed all claims and stated that they are merely friends who like spending time together but are not romantically involved.

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Who is Katheryn Winnick's husband in 2022? Details about her dating life

A year later, the rumors about Loeb and Winnick began to emerge from the shadows. The rumor at the time was that they had been secretly dating for months and had attended the Golden Globes together that same year.

Leslie Sloane, who also represents Zoe Saldana and Katie Holmes in addition to Winnick, rejected these charges, stating that her client and Loeb were nothing more than good friends.

If her explanation was accurate and nothing had occurred with Vergara’s ex-boyfriend, the public was still in the dark regarding Winnick’s dating life.

It took around five years for followers eager for information about her love relationships to taste another crumb. She was finally speculated to be dating another businessman in the year 2020.

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This time, she was associated with Michael Persall, who, unlike Loeb, was somewhat unknown to the general public.

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