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Adam Levine Net Worth: The Journey of Becoming a Musical Star Unleashed!

Adam Levine Net Worth: Adam Levine is a wealthy American musician, songwriter, and television host. Adam Levine is best known as the lead vocalist of Maroon 5 and one of the celebrity coaches on NBC’s The Voice.


Adam Noah Levine was born in L.A. on March 18, 1979. When Adam was seven, Fredric and Patsy Levine split. He attributes his musical style to growing up listening to his mother’s idols, Simon & Garfunkle, Fleetwood Mac, and the Beatles. Levine attended Brentwood School, where he met Jesse Carmichael and Mickey Madden.

Career in Music

Adam Levine Net Worth

In February 1994, Levine, Carmichael, Madden, and Ryan Dusick established Kara’s Flowers. Back in ’95, Levine was singing and playing guitar at Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood. Producer Tommy Allen discovered the band at a Malibu beach party.

Allen and his partner had Kara’s Flowers make an 11-track album, which producer Rob Cavallo signed to reprise records.

The Fourth World was released in August 1997. In the same year, they appeared in Beverly Hills, 90210. After high school, they went on tour to promote their CD, but it was a flop. Reprise dropped Kara’s Flowers after the album only sold 5,000 copies.

Maroon 5

Levine and Carmichael relocated to New York to attend Five Towns College. Kara’s Flowers decided to reform, adding a fifth member, replacing one, and renamed themselves Maroon 5. Before making it popular in music, Levine worked as a writer’s assistant on Judging Amy on CBS.

Adam penned poetry and songs about his ex-girlfriend Jane while on Judging Amy. Maroon 5’s first major hit album, “Songs About Jane,” was awarded triple platinum after its release in 2002. Two years after its initial release, the album sold 10 million copies and became the tenth best-selling album of 2004.

Maroon 5 won Best New Artist in 2005 and Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group in 2006 for the album’s second song, the phenomenally popular “This Love”. Maroon 5 has sold over 30 million records globally since their debut, including 10 million in the US alone. Over 30 million digital singles have been sold.

Both It Won’t Be Soon Before Long and V by Maroon 5 achieved #1 on the Billboard 200. “Moves Like Jagger” (with Christina Aguilera), “Payphone” (featuring Wiz Khalifa), “One More Night”, “Maps”, “Animals”, “Sugar”, “Don’t Wanna Know” (featuring Kendrick Lamar), and more.

Maroon 5 keeps recording and touring. Six studio albums, three live albums, 30 singles, and 23 music videos. Levine has received numerous Grammy, Billboard, and American Music Awards. Aside from his work with Maroon 5, Adam Levine has guest sung on scores of recordings with popular artists.

TV Career

Adam Levine Net Worth Adam has been on SNL. Levine appeared in American Horror Story: Asylum in 2012. The scenes were shot around his Maroon 5 tour schedule. In the same year, he co-starred in Begin Again with Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo.

Levine has been a contestant judge and coach on The Voice since 2011. Since entering the show, Levine’s popularity has skyrocketed.

He’s been called the series’ breakout star. The Hollywood Reporter estimated Levine was paid $12 million for each season of The Voice in 2013. Levine quit The Voice after 16 seasons and 8 years in May 2019. The film and his role got mostly positive reviews.


In 2018, Adam and Josh Gummersall founded 222 production. Sugar, a YouTube online TV series based on the Maroon 5 song of the same name, was their debut effort. In May 2019, 222 Productions presented Songland for NBC. Executive producer is Levine.

In February 2012, Levine launched 222 Records. Levine has also launched menswear lines with other apparel businesses. Levine joined Shure’s Ambassador programme in January 2020, promoting their wireless earphones and headphones.

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Personal Life

Adam Levine Net Worth

Adam Levine dated a number of notable supermodels in the early 2010s. Jonah Hill officiated Adam’s 2014 wedding to supermodel Behati Prinsloo. Dusty Rose and Gio Grace are their children.

Levine has admitted to consuming hallucinogens as a teen. He claims he quit taking prescription medicines following his first Ambien experience, which left him comatose for an hour.

Worth Achieved Estimates

  • 2010:  $5 M
  • 2012: $10M
  • 2014: $25M
  • 2017: $70M
  • 2018: $95M
  • 2019: $120M
  • 2020: $130M
  • 2021: $140M

The Voice and Other Earnings

Adam’s first season on The Voice paid him $6 million. In 2015, he made $10 million. In 2016, it was $12 million. In 2015 and 2016, he earned almost $35 million from all sources. Adam’s The Voice pay increased to $13 million in 2017. In 2018, he earned almost $68 million from all sources.

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Adam Levine Net Worth

Adam and Behati frequently flip houses. Following is a list of some of their major real estate transactions:

Adam spent $34 million for a 12,000 square foot Beverly Hills home in March 2018. They got it from Max Mutchnick of Will & Grace. Mutchnick paid $14.5 million for it in 2008. Adam and Behati spent $7 million refurbishing the mansion, which they offered for $47.5 million in April 2019.

They’ll make $5 million a year if they get their asking price. In 2018, Adam sold two more Beverly Hills residences, one to John Mayer for $13.5 million. Holmby Hills house, gutted and ready to be renovated for $17 million in 2017. He lost interest and sold it mid-construction for $18 million. He still has a $5 million property in Beverly Hills.

Affleck and Garner’s former home in Pacific Palisades cost Adam and Behati $32 million earlier in 2019. The mansion cost $17.55 million in 2009. Adam and Behati listed their property for $57.5 million in March 2022. Not bad for just three years’ worth of work.

Adam and Behati paid $22.7 million for a five-acre estate in Montecito, California, in March 2021. They sold the home for $28.5 million just three months later, an almost $6 million gain in 90 days.

Adam and Behati paid $52 million for a property in Montecito constructed by actor Rob Lowe. Lowe bought “Oakview,” a 3.5-acre property, in 2005. Lowe and his wife then built the 10,000-square-foot house today. Construction ended in 2009.

The Lowes advertised the home for $47 million in June 2018. They sold it for $45.5 million to a private equity tycoon in October 2000. The private equity tycoon sold it to Adam and Behati.

How Much Is Adam Levine Worth?

Adam earns $68 million per season hosting The Voice with Blake Shelton, Usher, Shakira, and Christina Aguilera, among others.  The Net Worth is estimated to be $160 Million

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