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Christina Haack Net Worth: How This Real Estate Investor Mints Money?

Christina Haack Net Worth: She is a Real estate investor by Profession.

Early Life

Christina Haack was born on July 9, 1983, in Anaheim, California. In her first employment after graduating from college, she worked in real estate. This is how she met her future husband Tarek El Moussa. The pair was quite successful until the 2008 stock market meltdown when many real estate speculators and house flippers went bust. Tarek and Christina El Moussa almost lost everything in the crash. Their previous home cost $6,000 a month, so they moved to an apartment that cost $700 a month. Their firm and the economy as a whole began to rebound after a long period of decline.

HGTV and Rise to Fame

Christina Haack Net Worth

In 2011 Tarek asked a buddy to help him construct an HGTV audition film which showed him and Christina flipping a property from start to finish. A producing business called Pie Town Productions received the tape. The execs fell in love with Tarek and Christina. It was in 2012 when the pair finalised their arrangement with HGTV.

“Flip of Flop” officially debuted in April 2013. Over the course of seven seasons, 92 episodes of the show were shown. After purchasing a property in Orange County and completing a few modifications, Christina and Tarek would then sell the house for a profit.

Both Tarek and Christina focus on demolition and renovation, but Christina is also responsible for making sure the project stays on track.

Christina El Moussa’s Yearly Income Is Undisclosed.

Christina and Tarek made a meagre $10,000 per episode in the show’s early seasons. This amounted to roughly $130,000 throughout the course of the year. By the third season, they were earning $40,000 every episode, or around $600,000 per season. She earned $50,000 each episode in 2019 when she got her own show on HGTV.


Christina Haack Net Worth

From 2009 to 2016, Tarek and Christina were a couple. They are the parents of two children. Their breakup occurred shortly after Tarek abandoned their home during an argument and was claimed to be suicidal, prompting police to be called to their residence. When Tarek went hiking with a gun, he said he was not suicidal and was merely protecting himself from wild animals. They formally filed for divorce in January of this year. When the couple announced their separation, the future of their television show and of their jointly held real estate firm, “The El Moussa Group,” was in doubt. In January of this year, their divorce was finally formalised.

Ant Anstead a British television presenter, was announced to be Christina’s new love interest in 2018. The two were said to have started dating in November of last year. An intimate ceremony took place at Christina and Ant’s house in Newport Beach, California, in December of last year. Shortly after that, she went by Christina Anstead instead of Christina El Moussa as her legal name. Christina and Ant made the announcement on Instagram in March of this year that they were expecting their first child.

Christina and Ant confirmed their split in September 2020. After a few weeks, she decided to file for divorce.

Christina began using her maiden name, Christina Haack, after filing for divorce.

Christina’s Seaside Retreat

Amazingly, Tarek and Christina were able to put their issues aside and continue filming the eighth season of Flip or Flop. Christina debuted her own HGTV series, “Christina on the Coast,” in May of this year. Christina is the star of the show, which follows her as she completes home renovations all throughout Southern California.

Owning a Home Is A Big Deal

Christina Haack Net Worth

When “Christina on the Coast” premiered, Christina rebuilt her own Newport Beach backyard in the first season. She paid $4.1 million for the house in 2018. Christina put the house on the market for $6 million in April of that year. $5.4 million was the price she got for this house.

Christina made two large real estate purchases in August 2021. Earlier this month, she purchased a Nashville, Tennessee, home for $2.5 million. And in mid-August, Christina purchased a Dana Point, California, home for $10.3 million.

How Much Money Does Christina Haack Make?

In addition to her work as an investor in real estate, Christina Anstead has also been on television under the names Christina El Moussa and Christina Anstead. There is $25 million in Christina Haack’s bank account. With her husband Tarek El Moussa, she was the co-star of the HGTV show “Flip or Flop.” “Christina on the Coast” is her new show, which premiered in 2019 and features her voice.

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