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Drew Binsky Net Worth 2022: How Much Does Drew Daily Make?

Drew Binsky is a YouTuber from the United States. He was born on May 24, 1991, in Texas. Her home city is Texas, and she was born in the United States. He was born in Texas, USA, in the city where her mother grew up. She is now 28 years old. He is a professional YouTuber in the US right now. He is well-known as a YouTuber in the U.S. and other nearby countries. He is an American YouTuber who does a great job.

Drew’s Early Life

Drew Binsky was born on May 24, 1991, in the United States. A travel blogger and vlogger who posts daily travel videos on YouTube and Facebook. He also has a travel blog, which he calls himself. When he was at the University of Wisconsin, he went to the Czech Republic to study abroad for the first time.

He was born in Texas and raised in Arizona. Since then, he has been all over the world. He hasn’t said what his parents’ names are. Our team is working right now, and we will update information about Family, Siblings, Spouses, and Children. We don’t know very much about Education Life right now.

He is one of the most popular people on YouTube. He is a well-known person who was born on May 24. He was born in Texas and is one of the richest YouTube stars. He is also on the list of the Most Popular YouTube Stars.


Drew started teaching English in Seoul, South Korea after he graduated from college. He was there for 18 months and went to 20 different Asian countries during that time. In 2015, he quit his job as a teacher to travel the world full-time. After that, he went to 73 different countries in just a few months. He started his blog called “The Hungry Partyer” around this time.

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Drew Binsky Net Worth

He kept going to new places and later changed the name of his blog to The blogger also started writing about his journeys on Instagram and Snapchat. In 2017, his partner gave him a camera and told him to make videos and post them to his own YouTube account. After a few months, he became famous when he posted a video of his trip to North Korea.

He shared his videos on Facebook as well as on his YouTube channel. Besides making travel videos, he sometimes makes videos about different languages. He speaks Korean, Spanish, Filipino, Czech, and English.

In 2021, he reached his goal of going all over the world. Binsky has no more countries to visit. In the process, he set two world records: the fastest time to pack a suitcase and the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites seen in 24 hours. Also, he got 3.15 million people to sign up.

Drew’s Net Worth

Every year, Binsky makes between $22,300 and $357,000 from YouTube Adsense. People also expect the person who made the content to make a good amount of money from his popular travel blog. He also makes money from other social media sites that he doesn’t talk about.

But it is thought that sponsorship deals are his main source of income. He makes deals with different countries that want to promote tourism in their countries. With this, the man who visited every country on Earth has a total net worth of $2 million.

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Personal Life

Drew Binsky Net Worth

Drew Binsky is not dating anyone as of 2022. He is 31 years old. Drew Binsky tries to keep his personal and love life to himself. He’s been in at least one relationship before. Drew Binsky has never been engaged before. There are different rumors about who Drew Binsky has dated online. It’s easy to find out who Drew Binsky is dating, but it’s harder to keep track of all his hookups, dates, and breakups.


He now has more than 4 million followers on Facebook and more than 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube. He makes money from ads on social media sites, brand deals, selling his merchandise, and an online course about how to save money on travel.
Binsky got engaged to Deanna Sallao in May 2021. He wanted to become a professional golfer when he got out of college.
Drew Binsky’s goal was to visit every country in the world. He did this by taking 1,458 plane trips and 1,117 bus and train trips. He did it all in less than ten years.