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Hannah Balanay Net Worth: How Much This Australian Tiktoker Earns From Tiktok Video and Shout-Out

Hannah Balanay, a TikTok influencer, has really accumulated an astonishing 17.38 million followers. Hannah Balanay films in Australia.

You may be wondering how much Hannah Balanay earns on TikTok and what her net worth is. There are currently no publicly available sources establishing Hannah Balanay’s net worth, and only Hannah Balanay knows the actual amount for certain. But Net Worth Spot can estimate Hannah Balanay’s potential TikTok earnings based on publicly available information.

Hannah Balanay’s net worth

The estimated net worth of Hannah Balanay is $951,44 thousand.

Although no one knows for certain, the industry professionals at Net Worth Spot can give an educated guess as to how much Hannah Balanay may be worth. We use Hannah Balanay’s TikTok account data to anticipate their potential earnings from advertising and shoutouts.

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Influencers on TikTok can sell shoutouts and promotions to large corporations and accounts seeking to build their followings. TikTok influencers have the ability to choose their own prices for shoutouts, in contrast to YouTube influencers. As a rule of thumb, TikTok shoutouts cost between $2 and $4 for every thousand, TikTok admirers. Accounts with greater involvement or influencers with a greater status are charged a premium.

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Using these estimates and considering Hannah Balanay’s 17.38 million followers, we may estimate her TikTok-generated net worth to be $951,44,000. However, that is merely a standard pricing estimate. The true worth may exceed $1,590,000.

How much does Hannah Balanay earn monthly?

Monthly earnings for Hannah Balanay are approximately $15,64 thousand.
Hannah Balanay has published 1633 posts and has 17.38 million followers on TikTok. If Hannah Balanay were to promote a shoutout, the average daily reach per post would be 17.38 thousand. If Hannah Balanay promoted only one shoutout each day, the channel could generate an average of $15,644 per month. If we consider the annual possibility, there is a possible income of $190,29,000 every year.

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For a profile with a high level of engagement, the true monthly revenue may reach $1.59 million. This is because accounts with greater involvement can command higher pricing. If a firm pays for a shoutout on an account with minimal engagement, the return on its advertising spend may be reduced.


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However, if a corporation purchases a shoutout on a profile with a high level of engagement, it may receive far more clicks and sales than other accounts with equal followings. Engagement is therefore a vital element of a TikTok profile. Fewer, more engaged followers generate far more revenue than more, inactive ones.

Other sources of revenue

TikTok influencers almost never have a single source of revenue. Many have diversified their revenue streams. Thus, if one profit source ceases to generate income, the account will still be able to cover expenses. In addition, TikTok influencers desire to build a brand, and brands function across numerous industries and social media platforms.

Successful influencers have diversified their revenue streams. These new sources of revenue may include the release of their own line of items, brand collaborations, speaking engagements, the sale of services, and the publication of their own books.

In addition, many influencers were influential through their own occupations long before TikTok, which likely resulted in a great deal more income than they would earn on TikTok.

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