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Hyuna and Dawn’s Net Worth in 2022

Since HyunA has been working in the K-pop industry since 2007, fans are naturally curious about her current net worth.

HyunA made her K-pop debut as a member of the Wonder Girls in February 2007. HyunA, however, quit Wonder Girls and joined 4Minute just two years later.

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HyunA continued to be a contributing member of 4Minute from this point forward until 2016. She was, however, also occupied with advancing her solo career.

A-ings believe that since it has been 15 years since her K-pop debut, she is now worth millions of dollars.

Hyuna Net Worth in 2022

Wealthy Persons estimates that HyunA’s net worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 million US dollars. Her career as a singer, songwriter, model, and dancer has contributed significantly to the majority of her net worth.

Hyuna and Dawn's Net Worth

In addition to that, she is profitable through her brand HyunA x SPICYCOLOR. After starring in PSY’s music video for “Gangnam Style,” HyunA also made a little bit of money for herself.

Who is Hyuna’s Fiancé?

The news of HyunA and DAWN’s engagement was shared with the public on February 3rd. The ecstatic pair proudly displayed photographs of their identical engagement rings, which looked absolutely breathtaking.


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The Aings were likewise under the impression that the price of the engagement rings was exorbitant. Fans are naturally curious about DAWN’s financial situation.

Dawn’s Net Worth in 2022

K-pop idol DAWN made her debut on July 10, 2016. He joined the K-pop group Pentagon, which is a part of Cube Entertainment. However, the agency ended the contracts for HyunA and Dawn after just two years.

It was then made public that Cube Entertainment had ended their contracts as a result of their announcement of their relationship. However, this is not the only issue. Although the agency was unhappy to learn that the couple had been dating for two years, they chose not to inform them of the truth.

Hyuna and Dawn's Net Worth

The couple is currently signed to PSY’s 2019-founded record label, P-Nation. It is not surprising to learn that DAWN has a much lower net worth than his fiancée because of his much shorter time in the K-pop industry.

DAWN’s annual income is estimated at 7 million USD by Idol Net Worth. This indicates that HyunA is also wealthier than her soon-to-be husband, bringing the couple’s total net worth to 19 million USD.

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Relationship Between Hyuna and Dawn is Still Strong

In spite of the many challenges they have had to overcome, HyunA and DAWN have managed to maintain a healthy relationship. They discussed their relationship on the episode of “My Ugly Duckling” that aired on SBS on February 28, 2021, and they were guests on that episode.


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HyunA mentioned that it took some time for her parents to accept her romantic relationship with DAWN. However, everyone came to the conclusion that they complement one another well.