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Julianne Hough Net Worth, Career, Early Life, Personal Life and More

Julianne Hough is a talented dancer who has performed and judged on the popular television show Dancing with the Stars. In addition to being a skilled dancer, Julianne has also become an accomplished actor and vocalist.

She has been in numerous films and television series and has released several popular albums. She possesses a variety of skills, so it is not unexpected that she has been so successful.

Early Life

Julianne Alexandra Hough was born in Orem, Utah, on July 20, 1988. She is the fifth and final child. Her parents, Bruce and Marianne Hough were Morman, and her father was twice the Republican Party chairman of Utah.

There are three older sisters in her family: Sharee, Marabeth, and Kathrine. Derek Hough, her brother, is also a professional dancer. Julianne’s formal dancing training started at the Center Stage Performing Arts Studio in Orem, and she began competing at the age of nine.

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Julianne and Derek were transferred to the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London when their parents divorced when they were ten years old. Julianne won the Junior World Latin Championship and the International Latin Championship at the age of 15.

She was the youngest and only American dancer to achieve this distinction. Julianne began attending Las Vegas Academy and Alta High School after returning to the United States.

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Julianne Hough’s Net Worth

The American dancer, singer, and actress Julianne Hough has a net worth of $10 million, according to celebrity net worth. She is most recognized for being a primary cast member on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

During the first several seasons of Dancing with the Stars, each performer earned approximately $1,600 for every episode. In the following seasons, this payment increased to approximately $5,200 per episode, or $100,000 every season. The judges on Dancing with the Stars earn an average of $250,000 per episode.

Personal Life

In 2008, Hough dated fellow country artist Chuck Wicks. In November 2009, she penned the song “Is That So Wrong” about their breakup. Hough began dating Ryan Seacrest in 2010, but the relationship ended in 2013. She began dating NHL player Brooks Laich in 2014.

Julianne and Brooks became engaged in 2015 and married in 2017. In spite of their attempts to reconcile, they filed for divorce in February 2022, which was finalized in February 2022.

Julianne Hough Net Worth, Career, Early Life, Personal Life and More

In a 2019 interview, Hough describes telling her then-husband Laich that she was “not straight.” Despite the failure of the marriage, Laich remained accepting of her sexual orientation.

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Where Does Julianne Hough invest her money?

Julianne has millions of wealth at her disposal, thus she enjoys living lavishly, as evidenced by her residences. Her $2 million Hollywood Hills residence features a huge kitchen with a library ladder to reach high shelves, a spacious open living and dining area, an indoor gym, and a garage with hanging plants.

Since landing a position on Broadway, Julianne has relocated to a beautiful apartment in New York City. Even though we’ve just seen images and videos of the space on her Instagram, we know it has a large fireplace, a gorgeous view, and a great deal of space.

Even while it may not be one of the world’s most expensive penthouses, this new apartment in the heart of New York City was not inexpensive!


Julianne Hough is an outstanding dancer, but she is so much more. Her great wealth demonstrates this. As Hough improves on Broadway and her earnings continue to rise, we anticipate seeing her more frequently.

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