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Khaby Lame Net Worth: How Much This Social Media Influencer Earns?

Khaby Lame has a net worth of $13 million USD. Khaby Lame is a TikToker and Instagram Influencer. Khaby Lame is well-known for his highly successful TikTok videos, in which he uses facial expressions to mock real-life videos. Khaby Lame has earned millions of dollars in brand endorsements and advertising through his social media following.

Khaby Lame Net Worth

Every year, Khaby Lame earns $4 million on TikTok. According to Various Sources, Khaby Lame has a net worth of $13 million USD.

Earning Breakout

Net Worth $13 Million
TikTok Income $4 Million
Instagram Income $1 Million
Annual Income $6 Million
Cars Owned 6-7


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As of September Khaby Lame, Net Worth is $4 Million.

Car Collection

Khaby Lame has spent his TikTok and Instagram earnings on a variety of high-end vehicles. Khaby Lame recently purchased a brand-new imported Volvo XC60 for $190,000 USD. Khaby Lame also owns a $2 million USD Lamborghini Huracán. Other vehicles in Khaby Lame’s collection are listed below.

  • Audi Q8
  • BMW X6
  • Porsche 911

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Khaby Lame lived in a modest two-room house without basic amenities prior to his social media success. Khaby Lame began his career in this house and stayed for the first six months after joining TikTok.

However, Khaby Lame quickly rose to prominence and began earning large sums of money from his amusing videos. Khaby Lame recently purchased a multi-million dollar luxury home for a whopping $6 million. Khaby Lame’s new home comes with a swimming pool, home theatre, advanced security, tennis court, and a wine cellar. Khaby Lame has shown the world that it is possible to rise above poverty and live a luxurious life.

Khaby Lame Quick Facts

Full Name Khaby Lame
DOB 9th March 2000
Age 22
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
GF( Girlfriend ) Zaira Nucci
Favorite Actor Kevin Hart
Inspiration Jordon Belfort
Favorite Colour White
Favorite Food Grilled Chicken
Lucky Number Five
Favorite Holiday Destination Australia


As of September Khaby Lame, Net Worth is $4 Million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Khaby Lame wealthy?

Yes. Khaby Lame is one of the world’s wealthiest social media stars, with a net worth of more than $13 million dollars.

Can Khaby Lame communicate in English?

Yes. Khaby Lame is fluent in both Italian and English.

How much money does Khaby Lame make on Instagram?

Khaby Lame is paid $20,000 per Instagram promotion post.

How much does Khaby Lame earn per year?

Khaby Lames makes $5 million per year from TikTok and Instagram.

How much money does Khaby Lame make on TikTok?

Every year, Khaby Lame earns $4 million on TikTok.

Who exactly is Khaby Lame’s GF?

Nucci Zaira

What religion does Khaby Lame follow?

Khaby Lame practices Islam.

Khaby Lame Bio

When Khaby Lame was a year old, his family relocated to a public housing complex in Chivasso, Italy. After being laid off from his job, Khaby Lame began posting on TikTok during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite having lived in Italy since he was a baby, Khaby Lame does not have an Italian passport or citizenship, only Senegalese citizenship.

As of September Khaby Lame, Net Worth is $4 Million.

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