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Mr Beasts Net Worth: How Did He Get 93 Million Subscribers?

Mr Beasts Net Worth Is Unknown

Mr Beast is a YouTube sensation, philanthropist, and entrepreneur from the United States. Mr Beasts has a $25 million net worth. MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, is famous for his YouTube antics in which he gives big sums of money to friends or charities. He is credited as the creator of the first altruistic YouTube stunt videos. He’s also one of the world’s highest-paid YouTubers. From his YouTube channel, clothing sales, and partnerships with companies like Microsoft and Electronic Arts, he made $24 million in 2020.

Mr Beasts Net Worth

Jimmy is said to put the majority of his video revenues back into making more videos. He now spends up to $300,000 on a single video, compared to $10,000 just a few years ago. His antics are usually humanitarian in nature, such as offering money to strangers or adopting an entire shelter of stray dogs. Mr Beasts  generates at least $3 million every month from YouTube advertisements alone, according to YouTube analytics tool SocialBlade. In-video brand partnerships aren’t included in this.

MrBeast, MrBeast Shorts, and Beast Reacts, his three primary channels, have a combined 90+ million subscribers as of this writing. Mr Beasts is the most subscribed YouTube creator in the United States, according to his aggregate subscriber total. PewDiePie has 110 million followers on his primary channel alone, making him the most subscribed individual creator in the world.

Early Years and the Start of a Career

Jimmy Donaldson was born on May 7, 1998, in Greenville, North Carolina, and graduated in 2016 from Greenville Christian Academy. Under the username “MrBeast6000,” he began uploading films to YouTube when he was 12 years old. He went to college for a year before dropping out to focus solely on his YouTube business. He typically released video game comments, response videos, and amusing compilations in his early videos.


Jimmy rose to prominence with the release of the video “Counting to 100,000” in 2017. He spent 44 hours counting to 100,000 in the video. The video has since been seen over 21 million times. He then made a video in which he counted to 200,000. Reading the dictionary, reading the script for the “Bee Movie,” ubering across America, shouting “Logan Paul” 100,000 times, and watching the dreadful Jake Paul music video “It’s Every Day Bro” on loop for 10 hours are among his other notable achievements.

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His YouTube profiles now have over 90 million combined subscribers and have accumulated over 10 billion video views. The majority of average videos have been seen over 20 million times. He has 12 million Instagram followers, 9 million Twitter followers, and 13 million TikTok followers.

Mr Beasts Net Worth

He’s friends with PewDiePie and bought billboards and radio ads to help him outnumber T-Series in terms of subscribers. 

At the 2019 Shorty Awards, he was nominated for Vlogger of the Year. He was named the Breakout Creator of the Year. He was nominated for a Kids’ Choice Award in the category of Favorite Male Social Star in 2020. He was named YouTuber of the Year in 2020. He was also named Creator of the Year at the Streamy Awards in 2020.

MrBeast attracted 400,000 new members and over 80 million video views in only one week in July 2020. As a result of his achievement, he was the 20th most popular YouTube personality at the time.

Philanthropy as a Stunt

Jimmy struck gold in 2018 when he started practising “stunt charity.” MrBeast presented $1,000 to strangers in one of his most famous videos from this time period. Millions of followers quickly subscribed to his channels, which saw him give out hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not a million dollars, on a regular basis. He uploaded a video in December 2019 challenging people to keep their hands on a stack of $1 million in cash. The money goes to the last participant to remove their hand from the stack:

Budget for Video Production Every Month

MrBeast has stated that he spends the same amount of money on content creation as he earns each month. When you realise that in some of his films, he’s really giving away a million dollars, this makes sense. He spent at least $3 million on production expenditures, employee pay, rent, and other expenses in August 2020. 

Earnings Per Month

MrBeast makes at least $3 million every month from his YouTube video views, as previously stated. MrBeast, for example, published 54 films on his 13 channels in March 2022. The 54 videos received a total of 283 million views. To figure out how much money it translates to, we must first recognise MrBeast’s three key sources of income: Sponsorships, merchandise, ad revenue and getting to know each source:

Advertisement Revenue

Varying nations have dramatically different CPMs for video commercials. In the United States and Canada, a video ad costs substantially more than an ad view in Brazil. However, a $5 average video CPM would be a reasonable assumption. MrBeast gets $5 for every thousand views. This corresponds to $1.4 million in net earnings based on 283 million views.


Mr Beasts charges $1 million each month to be the lead sponsor of his main video website, according to earlier reports. In March, for example, Experian, a credit agency, was the sponsor. I believe it is reasonable to presume that Beast is bringing in another $1 million in sponsorships through his other avenues, for a total of $2 million.


Also known as the hidden holy grail. According to numerous accounts, apparel sales accounted for over half of MrBeast’s $54 million in revenue last year. Monthly, that amounted to $2.25 million. To be safe, we’ll round down to $2 million. When we add together these three revenue streams, we get: $5.4 million = 1.4 + 2 + 2. In March, it amounted to $174,193 earned every single day.

Trees in Groups

Jimmy and Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer, initiated the #TeamTrees fundraising challenge in October 2019. Within three months, they needed to raise $20 million for the Arbor Day Foundation. Within two months, they had surpassed the $20 million target, and as of this writing, the effort had raised $23 million and planted over 7 million trees.

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The effort will have eliminated an estimated 1.6 million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere, as well as 116 thousand tonnes of chemical air pollutants, when they complete their objective of planting 20 million trees.

Gaming on the Go

MrBeast released “Finger on the App,” a multiplayer endurance game, in June 2020. The game’s premise was actually fairly basic. In order to use the app, users from all over the world had to keep their finger on the screen. The last person to remove it would receive a cash prize of $25,000.


Throughout his career, MrBeast has been nominated for a number of prestigious prizes. He was named Breakout Creator at the Streamy Awards in 2019. He was nominated for Ensemble Cast and Creator of the Year in the same year.

Mr Beast Won the Following Streamy Awards in 2020:

  • Creator of the Year
  • Live Special
  • Social Good: Creator
  • Social Good: Nonprofit of NGO

Mr Beasts Net Worth


In the same year, he earned the Shorty Award for YouTuber of the Year. At the Kids’ Choice Awards in 2021, he was nominated for Favorite Male Social Star. MrBeast was named Favorite Male Creator at the 2022 Kids’ Choice Awards. He was slimed after accepting the award:

Burger of the Beast

Jimmy debuted the “Beast Burger” in December 2020, in collaboration with over 300 eateries around the United States. The Mr Beasts Burger app swiftly soared to the top of the Apple store’s free app charts the day after it was released. He has sold nearly a million burgers to date.

Clothing Collection

MrBeast’s product business is his second-largest source of income after YouTube. He sells a variety of t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, water bottles, mouse pads, backpacks, and other items on MrBeast’s annual revenue from apparel sales is believed to be over 40% of his total.


MrBeast has contributed or raised tens of millions of dollars for many causes throughout the years. Items have been donated to homeless shelters, the Veterans Army Wounded Warrior Program, Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and a local animal shelter in Los Angeles as a result of his stunt films. A December 2018 video, for example, gave $100,000 in clothing and other things to homeless shelters. In October of this year, Jimmy teamed up with NASA engineer and YouTuber Mark Rober to form the #TeamTrees charity.

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The objective was to generate $20 million for the Arbor Day Foundation in the following three months. For every $1 collected, the charity would plant one tree. Hundreds of YouTubers have joined forces to support the cause. #TeamTrees had raised $4 million in only 24 hours of its inception. They had raised more than $20 million by December. They have raised about $22 million as of this writing.

Personal Experiences

Jimmy has Crohn’s disease, which is an inflammatory bowel illness. In ninth grade, he was diagnosed with the condition. He has spoken about his long fight with the crippling ailment throughout the years. Prior to being identified, he was sick almost every day and, as a result of the intense agony, he dropped 30 pounds over the course of a summer. MrBeast keeps a rather stringent diet in addition to his meds.


Jimmy started dating Maddy Spidell in June of this year. They were acquainted on Twitter. In a February 2020 video titled “Surprising My Girlfriend With 100,000 Roses For Valentines Day,” Maddy was introduced as MrBeast’s girlfriend for the first time. As of this writing, that video has had over 50 million views. MrBeast films featuring Maddy include “I Adopted EVERY Dog at a Dog Shelter” and “I Spent 50 Hours in Solitary Confinement.”