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Who is Liza Koshy Youtuber? How She Earn So Much Money

Liza Koshy is a well-known YouTube star and actress. While she has millions of YouTube followers and over a billion views since she established her channel on the platform, Koshy is presently one of the most powerful individuals on the internet.

Koshy will serve as a judge on the forthcoming NBC dance reality show ‘Dancing by Myself’ Koshy portrays Violet Adams in the Hulu original series ‘Freakish‘. She also appears as Aday Walker in ‘Boo! A Madea Halloween’ and in the YouTube Red original series ‘Escape the Night.

Liza Koshy’s Net Worth

Current estimates place Liza Koshy’s net worth at a stunning $6 million as of the current year. It is the 166th most subscribed channel on YouTube, with over 17.3 million followers and over 2.3 billion views. Koshy has been nominated for several honors, including two Streamy Awards and a Teen Choice Award, in addition to her internet stardom.

She was also on the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 Hollywood & Entertainment list, the 2019 Time 25 Most Influential People on the Internet list, and the 2019 Time 100 Next list.

In June 2012, the popular social networking video hosting service called “Vine” was launched. This platform lets people share six-second video clips that are played over and over again. Koshy herself started posting videos on the platform in 2013, and by the time it shut down in 2017, she had more than 5 million followers.

She did a very smart thing when she moved her Vine followers to other social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. After she won on Vine, Koshy went to YouTube, where her weird and funny videos quickly got her 10 million subscribers. She has had more than a billion views on that platform as of today.

Koshy has done more than just become a social media star. He has also been in TV shows and movies. She is most famous for playing Violet Adams on the TV show “Freakish” (2016-2018). Koshy was also Princess Aubrey in the movie “FML” (2016). She also got the amazing chance to interview Barack Obama in 2016 for her YouTube channel, which was a real coup.


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The first episode of “Dancing with Myself” will air on NBC on May 31, 2022, at 10 p.m. ET. Peacock has been added to both Sky TV and Now TV, so viewers in the UK can watch episodes of the show the day after they air.

Liza Koshy Early Life

Liza Koshy was born in Houston, Texas, on March 31, 1996. She is of mixed Indian and Caucasian origin and has two elder sisters. After graduating from Lamar High School in 2014, Koshy entered the University of Houston.

Who is Liza Koshy? | The US Sun

At university, she studied business marketing, but a year later she moved to Los Angeles and began dating fellow YouTube celebrity David Dobrik.

Her Career

Liza Koshy’s early career path is quite comparable to that of Logan Paul and Jake Paul. She and her brothers began by releasing videos on the famous Vine website. However, the platform has since been deactivated.

Liza began posting videos on Vine in 2013, and by the time the platform was shut down in 2017, she had attracted more than five million followers. She was astute to migrate her Vine followers to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram before the Vine site shut down.

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She then switched to YouTube, where she became the quickest person ever to gain 10 million followers, and she currently has more than a billion views on the platform.

In addition to becoming a social media sensation, Liza has also been in various television shows and films. Since 2016, she has played Violet Adams in the television program ‘Freakish‘. This is her most recognizable role.

As of December 2022, Liza Koshy is believed to have a net worth of $6 Million.

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