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A Iconic Ichiro Mizuki Japanese Singer Died at Age of 74

Ichiro Mizuki, a 74-year-old Japanese singer, died on December 6, 2022; his cause of death, age, and net worth is known.

His death was the result of lung cancer, which was found in July and was the reason for his passing. In honor of the “emperor of anime music,” let’s look at 15 of his greatest songs.

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Death News

The team Ichiro Mizuki confirmed his death over social media. Toshio Hayakawa, popularly known as Mizuki, died unexpectedly at 6:50 p.m. on December 6.

About Ichiro Mizuki’s illness

According to Forbes, he was born on January 7, 1948, and will suffer from partial vocal cord paralysis in April 2021. He revealed his lung cancer diagnosis after his procedure in June 2022.

Three Lesser-Known Performances by Anison Great Ichiro Mizuki

Mizuki was repeatedly admitted to the hospital for radiation therapy after it was determined that his cancer had progressed to his lymph nodes and brain.

Despite his illness, the singer performed his farewell live performance for the crowd on November 27. Toshio Hayakawa, his true name, died at the age of 74. His net worth was $2 million, but no information about his family or wife is available.

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Ichiro Mizuki Great Songs List

Kimi Ni Sasageru Boku No Uta was his first single in 1968. Due to his lack of economic success, he did not return to music until 1971. Mizuki’s first anime song concert theme was Ryu, the Cave Boy’s (Genshi Shonen Ryu) opening theme, Genshi Shonen Ryu Ga Iku.

With the publication of the song, his five-decade career as “Aniki,” the “big brother” of the anime music industry, officially started. Mizuki has recorded almost 1,200 tracks. Hits from popular anime Mazinger Z, Lupin the Third, Part 2, and Space Pirate Captain Harlock were among them.

Mazinger Z
Ore Wa Great Mazinger
Tetsuya Theme (Super Robot Taisen)
Captain Harlock (Space Pirate Captain Harlock)
Combattler V Theme
Komoro Dokansho (Komoro original song)
In Search of My Father (Voltes V ending song)
Tao (Juken Sentai Gekinranger ending theme)
The song of Steel Jeeg
Our Mazinger Z
Sora TobuMazinger Z
Tornado (with JAM Project for Mazinkaiser)
Mazinger Z (Infinity version)
Godannar season 2 opening theme
Hagane No Tamashii (Super Robot Spirits theme song)

Fan’s Reactions to Ichiro Mizuki’s Death

According to one Twitter user, Ichiro Mizuki “was an unbelievable legend.” The news of his death is heartbreaking. “May he rest in peace forever.”


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Final Word

Oh! Rip…..

A famous anime singer from Japan has died now. The death was confirmed by a team member on social media. We discussed his death, the cause of death, great songs, and more above.

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