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Al-Wakeel Cricket League team wins game with funny sprinting between the wickets (5 to win off 1 ball)

Strange things have occurred in cricket on several occasions since the game’s start. Over the years, the comedy of mistakes has made netizens chuckle uncontrollably. During the recent Al-Wakeel Cricket League, a similar incident occurred. The fielding squad completely lost their nerves during the match between Audionic and AutoMall.

With two wickets in hand and chasing 155, the AutoMall needed five runs off the penultimate delivery to win by five runs. At the non-end, striker’s Raheel A. Maje and Adeel Abid Sham were on strike. Maje had already struck a four in the over and appeared to be in fantastic form. The pacer delivered a full-length ball, which the batter attempted to hit to long-off.

When the fielder attempted to toss the ball in, everything went tragically wrong for the fielding squad. The two batsmen in the middle scored five runs by sprinting between the wickets. In the nail-biting match, the AutoMall crossed the finish line with the last ball. The fielding crew struggled to understand the changes that occurred.

Following the victory, the AutoMall was positioned sixth in the points standings, with two victories and two defeats from four games. Their net run rate of -0.34 is also among the lowest of the eight T20 teams playing. The Audionic has won two of their four matches as well, but they have a superior net run rate of 0.84.

Roomi Royals now lead the standings after winning all six of their games. Their net run rate of 1.54 is the second highest among all teams. Three of the five games have been won by Muslim Gymkhana and Down Town Strikers. Builders and Developers have yet to participate in the tournament.