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Alden Richards Girlfriend List | Is He Still Dating Anyone?

Alden Richards is a recording artist, actor, TV personality, and entrepreneur. Yes, what you read is correct: he is multi-talented and excels in a variety of subjects. He was born in the Philippines and received the 2019 Seoul International Drama Award, which indicates he is South Korea’s best actor.

That’s a quick rundown of Alden’s professional accomplishments, but what about his personal life and girlfriends? Is it as seamless as his career?

We can’t help but wonder about the details of his stories when we see his extensive list of ex-lovers. We’ll look into it further here!

There is too much chemistry between Onset and Kathryn Bernardo. Do they date in real life?

Kathryn Bernardo was an actress, just like Alden. She’s been in a lot of movies, like “Three Words to Forever” and “Hello, Love, Goodbye.” It was in the second one that she met Alden Richards.

But when asked if he was actually dating Kathryn outside of the movie, Alden said that they were just good friends. People thought Alden and Kathryn were dating in real life because they got along so well in the movie.

Alden Richards Girlfriend List | Is He Still Dating Anyone?

“Since then, Kat has always been warm. But when we met her on the set, we saw that there was more to her. She’s nice and sweet, so it wasn’t hard for me to get along with her. She let me treat her nicely.” In interviews for the movie Hello, Love, Goodbye, Alden said the following.

Alden and Kathryn both agreed that their on-screen chemistry wasn’t forced at all; it just came naturally to them. Even though they would make a great couple, that didn’t mean they were a couple in real life.

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza Relationship

Filipino actress and TV host Maine Mendoza is from the Philippines. She was famous because of her talented acting, in which she impersonated Filipino legendary actress Kris Aquino.

Since then, she has been known as the “DubSmash Queen of Filipina,” which was a popular dubbing trend in 2015. Because of how popular she is, she has even been on a national TV show, Eat Bulaga.

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza Relationship

In 2015, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza started dating while they were both on the Eat Bulaga Show. Maine Mendoza was introduced as Yaya Dub, a dubsmashing worker.

In one of Eat Bulaga’s segments, it was revealed that Maine Mendoza was a huge Alden Richards fan. Fans and audiences tried to pair them up because they liked how they interacted with each other. Their fans called them AlDub.

When they played a couple in a movie called “Imagine You and Me,” their relationship grew stronger. The two actors worked well together on stage. People start to think that their relationship was more than just a show on Eat Bulaga Show.

A lot of actresses have been said to be friends with Alden, but maybe Maine Mendoza stands out the most. So what? Fans and even the show itself have seen that the two have more than just friend chemistry.

Alden kissed Maine Mendoza on the lips in March 2016, which surprised the audience and even Yaya Dub. It was a surprise to everyone in the room. Not only was it shown on national TV, but it was also shown because their kiss is what people, especially AlDub fans, have been waiting for.

Since then, Alden Richards has flirted with Maine Mendoza several times while they were on camera together. A fan caught them having dinner together, which showed that their chemistry went even further than what could be seen on camera.

But they never told us in an official way that they were in a special relationship. When it comes to his love life, Richard is a very private person. He doesn’t talk much about the person he is seeing. Maine Mendoza also has a tendency to keep her relationship quiet.

Even though they’ve had sweet moments together on TV for everyone to see, neither of them has ever said anything to clear things up. So close, yet so far away.

As time went on, they didn’t see each other as much, either on Eat Bulaga Shows or in real life. Both of them were working on new projects and works.

After it was said that Maine Mendoza was close with another Filipino actor, Arjo Atayde, the rumour that Alden and Maine were close went away. At the beginning of 2019, Maine Mendoza said that she had been dating Arjo for a long time.

Alden and Maine aren’t seen together anymore, but Maine said they are still good friends and work together. That means that Maine Mendoza has to be crossed off the list.

Alden Richards and Julie Anne Relationship

It’s likely that Alden Richard’s relationship with Julie Anne San Jose isn’t easy. At some point in their careers, it was said that the two were close, and there was some clear conflict between them. Julie Anne San Jose is a Filipino singer who has done well. She is the youngest singer who has ever won a Diamond Record Award for her album, which is called Julie Anne San Jose.

Alden Richards and Julie Anne Relationship History

In 2018, Alden Richard and Julie Anne worked together on a show called “All Out Sundays.” This shows that they are really fine.

After they had a fight before, the show brought them back together. Even Alden Richards was said to be seeing Julie Anne San Jose in a romantic way. They were seen giving each other hugs.

Maybe it was just a friendly hug, but the fact that it happened right after Alden broke up with Maine Mendoza and Julie Anne broke up with Benjamin Alves suggests that they were into each other.

But the rumour was not at all clear. Aside from the show, they had never seen each other before. Even Julie Anne San Jose herself shot down the rumour in a recent interview in June 2021. She said about the problems that had been talked about, “Let’s just forget about it because it’s 2021.” She also said, “What we need right now, especially during the pandemic, is each other.”

Alden Richards and Sam Pinto Relationship

Some people said that Alden Richards was dating Sam Pinto ten years ago.

Sam Pinto worked as a model and as an actress. In 2011, For Him Magazine Philippines said that she was the sexiest woman in the country. When they were both cast in the movie Tween Academy, Sam and Alden got to know each other.

Alden Richards and Sam Pinto Relationship Story

Even though Alden was only 18 and Sam Pinto was 21, they said they were going on a cruise date. Alden also said that he liked Sam at that very moment.

Even though it was a pretty expensive date, Alden said it was just a “friendly date” between the two of them. Alden also said, “A lot of guys would kill to go on a date with Sam Pinto!” It means that Alden’s crush on Sam was just another time when the model was star-struck.

Since the show ended, we haven’t heard anything new from them, which is sad.

In an interview with Sam Pinto in 2015, she said that she no longer wanted to be linked to Alden. The two went their separate ways to work and take care of their own lives.

Alden and Louise Delos Reyes Once Had Excellent Chemistry as Co-Stars; Is It Possible That They Could Reunite?

Similar events transpired between Alden Richard and Louise Delos Reyes. Louise is a model and actor. Alden and Louise co-starred in the 2011 film “Alakdana,” the 2012 film “One True Love,” and the 2013 film “Mundo Mo’y Akin.” In these films, the chemistry between Alden Richard and Louise Delos Reyes was phenomenal. Fans believed that the chemistry existed off-screen as well.

However, there was no official confirmation of their connection from any of them.

Similarly, the rumours slowly faded away as time passed.

Louise Delos Reyes was invited to the Eat Bulaga show hosted by Alden Richard in 2020. The two were extremely cordial with one another. Alden inquired about Louise’s wellbeing and recalled their most recent video call.

However, it is quite improbable that sparks will reignite between them. Louise Delos Reyes is presently in a committed relationship with Jino B.

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