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Alexa Nikolas claims Seth MacFarlane “hired me to abuse me” in regards to the ‘Family Guy’ position.

Alexa Nikolas claims Seth MacFarlane "hired me to abuse me" in regards to the 'Family Guy' position.

Alexa Nikolas claims Seth MacFarlane "hired me to abuse me" in regards to the 'Family Guy' position.

Former Zoey101 star Alexa Nikolas, who has often spoken out against the alleged inappropriate behavior of show creator Dan Schneider, has now made similar charges about the atmosphere behind the scenes of Family Guy. In a series of Tweets made earlier today, Nikolas called creator and showrunner Seth MacFarlane a “stalker” and said that he used young girls to prey upon them.

In a series of tweets posted early this morning, Nikolas acknowledged that MacFarlane was “trauma” and claimed that he employed her “to abuse me.” Nikolas visitor starred in a single episode of the long-running Fox animated series, playing a character listed as a “crying girl” in one of the series’ signature gag sequences.

Another Tweet appears to indicate that MacFarlane cast Nikolas and other former Nickelodeon and Disney actors in one-off guest appearance roles to “creep” on them. Family Guy frequently features actors in guest-starring roles, and a number of other high-profile actresses who have worked for both studios have appeared on the show, including Amanda Bynes, Ashley Tisdale, Ariana Grande, and Emily Osment. However, given the extremely long list of Family Guy guest stars, there does not appear to be a clear pattern of behavior at this time.

She adds that MacFarlane had a bodyguard stationed at the door to his bedroom, which is possibly the most shocking allegation made by Nikolas. Nikolas does not specify if this room was located in MacFarlane’s home or the Family Guy studio.

Nikolas has previously discussed the environment around Zoey101 and how she felt unsafe around the show’s creator, Schneider. She founded the “Eat Predators” movement earlier this year, which assists survivors of sexual abuse and aims to keep the entertainment industry free of harassment and assault.

She has coordinated several rallies in the Los Angeles area, including one at Nickelodeon’s studios.

Neither MacFarlane nor Fox has yet issued a statement in response to the allegations.

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