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All About Max Minghella: Elle Fanning’s Boyfriend

Elle Fanning and her partner of four years, Max Minghella, have kept their relationship discreet, but their history is robust and they were caught holding hands in London on August 30, 2022. This appearance put an end to any separation speculations.

According to Us Weekly, the two had been romantically linked since July 2018, when they were spotted holding hands in Florence, Italy. They were observed on a date in London in August of that year.

A source who observed them in London told Us at the time, “They appeared so at ease.” They were low-key and comfortable with one another, watching out for one another and softly conversing when they were together looking at items. They did not make their red carpet debut as a pair until May of 2019, at the annual Met Gala.

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The two began dating after collaborating on the 2018 film Teen Spirit, in which Fanning appeared and Minghella wrote and directed.

When questioned about her romantic life in 2019, Fanning told Entertainment Tonight, “I mean, we just really enjoy working together.” That was extremely unique, and he is such a nice friend.


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Minghella, 36, also maintained a professional demeanor during the interview, while lavishing praise on his 24-year-old girlfriend and describing her as “the only actress who could have carried” the film. “This is an extraordinary list of prerequisites. You must be able to sing, dance, authentically speak Polish, do a British accent, portray a range of ages, and carry the film with an exceptionally nuanced performance “he stated. She handled everything with such expertise and discipline, and she never complained.

The relationship between Fanning and Minghella is both professional and romantic. Who is Minghella, though? Here are some facts about Fanning’s boyfriend.

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He was born in England

Minghella was born in Hampstead, London, to an Italian immigrant father and a Hong Kong-born mother. Carolyn Chao, according to Minghella, was a significant impact on his creative activities. Chao is well-known for her contributions to the crews of The English Patient (1996) and Madama Butterfly (2020), among other projects. During the 1980s and 1990s, she appeared in a few films, according to IMDB.

In 2019, he told Esquire Singapore, “My mum is a fascinating, incredibly clever person who—I don’t know how to express this—is very Chinese.” “She is of a different culture and truly embodies this. So movies have been the one thing we have an appreciation for… She introduced me to every important filmmaker.”

His father was a director and screenwriter

Anthony Minghella, Minghella’s father, passed away in March 2008, when Minghella was 22 years old. In 1997, Anthony won the Academy Award for Best Director for his work as director of The English Patient, for which he was widely recognized. He also directed the 2019 Oscar-winning film The Talented Mr. Ripley and was posthumously nominated for an Academy Award for The Reader as a producer (2008).


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Minghella made his debut as a feature-length filmmaker in 2018 with Teen Spirit, and he told Esquire Singapore that he believed his late father would have been a fan of the pop musical about a teenage girl who wishes to leave her hometown to pursue a singing career.

“I do not know if he would enjoy every film I produce. But I believe he would enjoy this film because it focuses on music, and he enjoys pop music as much as I do. In addition, the immigrant component is therefore inherited from him. I believe he would relate to that as well.”

Hannah, the older sister of Minghella, is the head of motion pictures at Bad Robot, a position she assumed after serving as president of TriStar Pictures and TriStar Television.

You’re likely familiar with him from The Handmaid’s Tale

Elle Fanning Sparks Dating Rumors with Max Minghella

Minghella portrays Nick Blaine in the series, which is an adaptation of a novel by Margaret Atwood. Nick is Commander Fred Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) and Serena Joy Waterford’s (Serena Joy Waterford) guardian and driver (Yvonne Strzechowski). He is also June Osbourne’s love interest (Elisabeth Moss).

In 2019, he remarked to Harper’s Bazaar, “I find Nick to have so many shades of grey.” “He is frequently a mystery to me, yet I find him to be extremely familiar. His shoes are quite comfy to wear.”

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However, he has appeared in countless more popular productions

He may be most known for his role as Nick, but Minghella has spent the majority of his life in the entertainment industry. The Mindy Project, Spiral (2011), and The Social Network all featured him (2010). In 2005, he appeared alongside Richard Gere, Juliette Binoche, and Kate Bosworth in the film Bee Season as Aaron.

He enjoys a simple routine

Minghella appears to be the type of person who is always looking for something to do. “On a daily basis, I work on whatever crap I’m involved in, and then I stroll to buy coffee,” he told DuJour. He informed the publication that his regular coffee shop is the only place (in 2017, at least) where people recognize him.

“I truly enjoy the familiarity of that,” he remarked. “I’m a sucker for when they remember my name, greet me, and have my order ready.”

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