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Amazing Chemistry: Dave Franco and Jamie Foxx Improvised Together in ‘Day Shift’

Dave Franco made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and had a conversation with host Lamorne Morris while he was there. Dave discussed his incredible synergy with Jamie Foxx both on and off the screen during their conversation. He proceeded to describe how both of them had to wing it on the set of the Netflix movie. As expected, Dave was effusive in his praise for Foxx, even going so far as to call him “the most wonderful and giving man on the globe.”

Incredible Chemistry Between Him and Jamie Foxx…

Lamorne Morris complimented Dave Franco on his performance in the new Netflix film “Day Shift,” in which he played the role of Seth, a nerd who is also a badass, and then went on to talk about the amazing chemistry that he shared with Jamie Foxx. Both in the show and in real life, the two vampire hunters have a very positive relationship with one another.

Dave Franco responded to Lamorne’s comments regarding his chemistry with Jamie Foxx on “Day Shift” by saying, “Thank you very much, I adore Jamie Foxx, he is the most generous and wonderful performer in the world.” Lamorne was speaking about their chemistry on the show “Day Shift.” The actor, who is 37 years old, also revealed that he had told his wife that, despite the fact that he loves her to his very heart, Gabe has always been the person who has hyped him up the most.

He even gave an example by adding, “We were improvising a lot in the movie, right, and at one point, you know I utter a line mowing down vamps with my best pal bud and the director calls cut.” He went on to say that this was a common practice for them. Jamie approaches me while he is photographing me with his phone, and he repeats the previous statement but this time he says it in this manner! Dave said in Jamie’s voice as he replicated Jamie’s phrase, “Mowing down the vamps with my best chum bud.”

Dave continued by saying that Jamie had even submitted that tape to his music producer, who had converted it into a full song within an hour of receiving it. As for Jamie, he was already playing the song loudly on the set using the boombox rucksack he brought with him, and in just one hour he transformed him into a musician. He continued by saying, “Since then, Jamie has three rappers do verses, and on top of it, we’ve done a music video, and it’s like you say a line on set with Jamie, and then you’re on a rocket ship, and you’re just trying to cling on.”

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Jamie Foxx Made a Proposal to Dave…

Dave Franco provided the following response when asked about having been pitched by Jamie Foxx in the past: “The first time I met Jamie Foxx, we were in a conference room at our agency and he was pitching me this movie that he was going to direct and he opens up the script to page one and he starts acting it all out and doing all of the voices of different characters.”

He proceeded by saying, “I immediately realized oh he’s about to act out this entire script for me and he’s got again, he’s got his boombox rucksack, he’s playing the soundtrack, and two hours later he performed the entire movie.” When Dave remarked that he was at a loss for what to do, the other person responded by standing up and giving him a slow clap. According to Dave, Jamie Foxx is the most entertaining man on the face of the earth.

The thrill that Lamorne Morris felt was too much for him to contain, and he told us his own story about Jamie Foxx. He related how they had previously crossed paths at a birthday dinner, where the latter approached the former with a business proposal for a film. Lamorne explained, “He was like, well guy I had this concept right, so it’s me and you right, and we got inside the bank, uh, but then all of a sudden, Michael B. Jordan comes out, but I’m surprised he didn’t know this.” It’s true; I’m his father.”

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A Salsa Number With Jamie…

After we had a good chuckle together, Lamorne shared the news that Dave and Jamie are good friends, that they worked together on the show “Day Shift,” and that they even went on a press tour. After that, he said, “You went on this TV show that’s in Spanish.” The response from Dave was, “Yes, we did this thing, and it’s real.” Lamorne queried whether or not it was true that the two had also performed a little dance performance.

After hearing this, Dave said, “You could call that for me. Again, it was one of these situations wherever you go with Jamie; it seemed as though he just breathes it. It comes so naturally to him; for example, we are going to this major showing, and when they introduce Jamie, rather than going to the front of the theater and waving to everyone, he will run up and down the aisles the whole time. People can be heard sobbing and screeching. He is giving them hugs and kisses, and then Dave Franco comes over, and I just shyly make my way out of the room.

Coming back to the story of the television show in Spanish, Dave disclosed that while the moment played in the background, Jamie came out and “he had the salsa music blaring all of them, yah, all of them started moving.” Dave made this revelation as the moment played in the backdrop. Afterwards, he said, “You see, I am clumsily trying to keep on the side, well, they actually framed me out.” Everyone is getting down, but there’s no way anyone can come out on top.

Dave then proceeded to make fun of himself by saying, “I don’t dance, I am the a-hole who doesn’t want to participate, but like if I do then I am this,” as he continued to make light of his own behavior. Lamorne stood up and extended an invitation to dance to Dave while joking that the wrong camera operator had framed Dave out. After the two danced together, I can state without a doubt that Dave has a lot of room for improvement in his salsa talents.

J.J. Perry makes his debut as a director with the film Day Shift, which was released on Netflix on August 12th. Perry is also the film’s writer. Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Meagan Good, Karla Souza, Steve Howey, Scott Adkins, and Snoop Dogg are among the actors featured in this movie. The movie has a cool vibe, and when you see it, you’ll be able to appreciate the fantastic chemistry that exists between Dave and Jamie.

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