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Finale Review: Who is the Winner of the Amazing Race 34?

The last three teams spent the final stage of the race in Nashville. Here are the first-place finisher and winners of the $1 million award.

Due to a shortage of non-elimination legs and very competitive competition, The Amazing Race 34 has been marked by a lack of breathing room. This was echoed in the last leg of the season when the three surviving teams remained neck-and-neck in Nashville throughout the day. In the end, though, it was a musical-themed memory challenge that secured the million-dollar prize for one team.

Below is more information on the outcomes of tonight’s last episode.

The Amazing Race 34 Winner

Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss: While Derek and Claire were unable to achieve victory on reality television as individuals, their participation in The Amazing Race showed that collaboration is essential to achieving goals.

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Their clever thinking throughout the race propelled them to the head of the pack in the final leg. And once they achieved first place at the Roadblock, they never regained it, as the combination of Derek’s musical talent and Claire’s memory quickly secured them the top spot.

Who was eliminated last night on The Amazing Race 34?

Emily Bushnell and Molly Sinert: Emily and Molly entered the race with one of the most bizarre backstories in the show’s history: they were separated in infancy and had only met a year prior. Consequently, during the highs and lows, it had been a race to learn about one another. Sadly, these highs and lows were revealed in the last leg. Despite racing off to an early lead, navigational issues quickly eliminated them from the competition.

This season, the married pair Luis Colon and Michelle Burgos were frequently the centers of the party, providing enthusiasm and happiness regardless of their position. And this approach paid off, as they entered the final round with the most first-place finishes.

A vacation to Music City was less than ideal for two non-musicians. But despite losing the race, the couple crossed the finish line with sparkling smiles and hearts filled with even more love.

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