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Andor Episode 8 Confirms Vel and Cinta’s Highly Anticipated Romance

Episode 4 of Disney+’s Andor introduces Vel Sartha (Faye Marsay) and Cinta Kaz (Varada Sethu) as cunning rebel soldiers opposing the wicked Empire. “Andor” is yet another addition to the “Star Wars” mega-franchise. The series focuses on Cassian Andor, the thief-turned-Rebel-spy from the 2016 “Star Wars” film Rogue One, five years before the film’s events (Diego Luna). The new program has been praised for its in-depth character characterization and complex narrative. It was an immediate hit with both “Star Wars” fans and critics.

Vel and Cinta are members of a ragged Rebel team planning a massive operation against the Empire when we first meet them. The high-risk plot entails seizing a substantial portion of the Empire’s salary on Ahldani. With Vel as the commander of the tiny squad of combatants and Cinta as the group’s resident healer, the Rebels are well on their way to stealing the paycheck when Andor is thrown into their midst as a new recruit.

Andor's Casual Approach to Queer Characters Is Excellent

No one is pleased with the new employee, but they had no alternative but to proceed with the operation. And while Vel and Cinta’s actual relationship is only hinted at in this episode, as “Andor” develops, it becomes clear that the two are more than simply faithful allies.

Andor’s 8th Episode Settles it: Vel and Cinta are Lovers

Vel and Cinta are shown sharing a hut in Episode 4 of “Andor,” which is the first fan-teasing indication that they have significant affection for each other. Then, much later in Episode 8, Vel responds negatively to Cinta’s announcement that she is moving into a room by herself. After a brief, heated confrontation, Cinta informs Vel that while the Rebels’ cause will always take precedence, they will always have one another. “I am a reflection, Vel,” she adds. Because I show you what you need to see, you adore me.

Twitter user @stolenblaster exclaimed in all capital letters, “VELCINTA WRITTEN IN THE STARS” in response to the relationship’s popularity. Similarly, @vrsoandor tweeted, “I’m going to become emotional and I hope more people would talk about vel and Cinta being what many Star Wars fans, myself included, have been waiting for.” Another person, @farawynforever1, expressed their sentiments in all-caps: “DID I JUST SEE VELCINTA REUNION? MY SPACE IS FULL OF LESBIANS, AND I AM OVERJOYED.”

In reality, various films and television programs in the “Star Wars” franchise have shown fleeting glimpses of LGBT people in the past (via Pride). As “Andor” continues to explore a galaxy far, far away, the Velcinta pairing is the first time an LGBTQ+ love story looks poised to occupy a key narrative niche in the “Star Wars” universe.

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