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Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 13 and 12 Spoilers!

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 13

Next week on Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 13, it’s arrived — and we don’t think we are ready for it. The title for this installment is “Fubar,” which in itself is a hint that we’re past the point of no return.

So what could be happening during the span of the season finale? Let’s simply start with the synopsis, in the event you haven’t seen it already: “The Cody lads start on their most risky task; Andrew commits a sin that devastated the family.”

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 13 and 12 Spoilers!

Make certain to view our brand-new Animal Kingdom evaluation! This conversation focuses on J’s bold move in episode 12 of season 6. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to Matt & Jess on YouTube for more – we will discuss the finale there once it airs.

The first element of the plot is quite obvious from the synopsis: the family will do whatever they can to break Pope out of prison. Or are they not? J’s theft of everyone’s money does create a situation in which he abandons them to be caught and flees with their gains. Then, at the very end, he can attempt to play the innocent victim. Everything is feasible.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 13 and 12 Spoilers!

The Andrew portion of this makes us uneasy, especially given the implication that it occurred in the past as opposed to the present. We are aware that there have been several rumors and speculations concerning this individual, but we feel compelled to state that something dreadful could be around the corner. Simply said, we must be as well-prepared as possible. If this show is closing, rest assured that it will go out with a bang. This might be a shocking conclusion in which numerous characters perish.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 12: Did J Betray the Cody Boys?

We had a decent feeling heading into Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 12 that there would be some major plot twists, but we had no idea how insane the story would get.

Let’s simply state that we now have the answer. J utilized his new girlfriend Penny and her employment at the law company to siphon money away from the Cody trust and into his own account in the most sophisticated family betrayal we’ve seen yet. Essentially, he is facilitating it so he can do what he claimed he would do when he killed Smurf: He is prepared to take everything from his uncles.

Check out our new review of Animal Kingdom! Below you will find everything we had to say about episode 12 of season 6. Be remember to SUBSCRIBE to Matt & Jess on YouTube for more, including our thoughts on the finale, after you have done so.

Why then do this? Angela was horribly mistreated in the past, and we’ve seen how that led to her becoming an addict and experiencing so much suffering. He blames Pope, Deran, and Craig for their failure to intervene; is part of this resentment misplaced? Maybe. Deran and J could have done more, but they were too young; meanwhile, Pope was completely brainwashed. Nonetheless, they did not initially treat J particularly well. He has an opportunity to strike, and he will seize it!

As to whether or not this endeavor will ultimately be successful, remains a mystery; but, he is putting in his utmost effort to cause mayhem around the time of the major prison break. Obviously, this is the other major factor to consider prior to the series finale.

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