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Is Break My Soul by Beyonce the Great Resignation’s Theme Song?

The song’s message to businesses and employees is clear and urgent, but it may not be what you think. Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul” has probably been on repeat in your house for the past several days. Everything about it is a rallying cry for a new generation of workers who want to take back control of their own destinies, reclaim their independence, or just get the hell out of the grind.

Queen Bey is one of my favorite singers, but despite my admiration for her, I believe this is a risky version of the song. If you’re like me and quit before the Great Resignation became a thing, you know how difficult it is to “just dance” and stop working. If I had to pick a song to represent “the Great Resignation,” I’d go with “the catalyst of a new and improved company culture,” rather than this one.

‘Break Your Soul’ is a wake-up call to businesses, urging them to embrace a stronger and better workplace, one that cares more about creating an environment in which people can flourish rather than just one in which they can perform their jobs. We need to start from scratch and construct a new basis for a better experience for our employees. Surely, Beyoncé would concur.

On that new thump

Employees are feeling the same way I do since I was once a “top talent” who exploded and then middle-finger-ed her way out of corporate America about five years ago. Because my spirit had been shattered, all I wanted was to be appreciated. I wanted to be driven and inspired even more.


Motive / I’m lookin’ for a new foundation, huh / And I’m on that new vibration / I’m buildin’ my own foundation.”

If her lyrics still resonate with me after all this time, imagine the damage these other lyrics of hers will cause businesses: “And I just quit my job, I’m going to find new motivation,” Damn, they work me so damn hard. Dramatic? In the face of an impending economic downturn, employee experience is more important than ever In fact, it’s more crucial than ever, and Beyonce’s words are exactly what corporate America is looking for.

Considerations that companies should keep in mind

In 2023, a company’s budget should prioritize improving the working conditions of its employees. It is important for firms to think about how to include their mission and values, as well as the values of their employees, throughout the entire experience from talent acquisition to day-to-day activities and professional development opportunities. Beyoncé cries, “You won’t destroy my soul.”


If you want to keep your best employees, you need to make sure they feel valued, that their work is aligned with their beliefs and that they have a sense of purpose and motivation. These people are in high demand and have a wide range of possibilities. If their soul is broken, they will leave, even if they have fewer options during difficult times. That was my experience.

Inspiring present employees: Like an angry 2007 teen listening to Avril Lavigne after a breakup, there will be crowds of employees sitting at their desks with their headphones playing these songs on repeat. As a result, a slew of dissatisfied, dissatisfied, and unhappy workers will remain in their positions indefinitely. Customer service, innovation, and productivity all suffer when employees are unhappy.

The retention of top talent and the motivation of current employees will be greatly aided by creating work settings and experiences where employees feel valued by their employers. Having a great employee experience can increase return on assets by up to three times and increase return on sales by up to two times, according to the research “The Financial Impact of a Positive Employee Experience.”

A step in the wrong direction is being taken by companies like Twitter, which has already canceled its annual summit for employees. The last two years have bolstered and a recession will only exacerbate the benefits of shared experiences in raising self-esteem and reducing despair, anxiety, and loneliness.

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It’s essential for businesses to realize that, even in the face of an imminent recession, their employees aren’t irreplaceable even if Beyoncé has a stranglehold on the future of employment.

Beyonce Drops Disco-fied New Single, ‘break My Soul’

“Break My Soul,” the first single from Beyonce’s upcoming seventh solo studio album “Renaissance,” was released three hours before the scheduled release time, and it’s the Bey jam fans have been waiting for: “Single Ladies” co-producers Tricky Stewart and The-Dream deliver hard-hitting dance music with an ear-catching hook and a blazing beat that features frequent exhortations from Big Freedia. It’s time to “Release Your Anger, Release Your Mind, Release Your Job, Release Your Trade, and Release the Stress.”


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There’s also Jay-Z, BlaqNmilD (a.k.a. Adam Pigott, who’s collaborated with Drake, Quavo, Megan Thee Stallion, and many others), Big Freedia, and Robin S’s 1993 smash “Show Me Love,” which is notably sampled throughout the song.