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Brad William Henke, Cast of Orange Is the New Black, Died at 56

Recent reports indicate that 56-year-old character actor Brad William Henke, likely most known for his role on Orange Is the New Black, has passed away.

The only thing more stunning than his physical stature was his presence on whichever screen he graced. He spent a considerable amount of time in front of the camera. He left behind an excellent body of work and will be sorely missed. Here’s what we know about the cause of death of Brad William Henke, whose passing seemed to be quite sudden.

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Here is Everything About His Death, the Cause of Death

The NFL player-turned-actor who portrayed prison guard Desi Piscatella on Orange Is the New Black has died at the age of 56, according to TVLine. He went away in his sleep on November 29. At the time of writing, the cause of death has not been disclosed. In May 2021, however, Brad published an Instagram video from the hospital outlining his recent heart operation.

Brad William Henke’s Words

“I just survived an arterial blockage of 90 percent,” the actor disclosed. I might have suffered a heart attack at any time, but I recently had it repaired.

Brad ended the video by saying, “The remaining of my time in this world is a gift, and I intend to make use of it.”

In a statement, Matt DelPiano, Brad’s manager, referred to him as a “Very gifted actor who loved his membership in our group… and we returned his affection. Our prayers go out to his wife and family.”

Casting agent Jen Euston spread the information on social media with a comment “This is unexpected. Rest well, Brad. Thank you for all your contributions to OITNB. You will be remembered.”

Brad William Henke symbolized the Renaissance era

It was difficult to notice Brad William Henke, and not because he towered above the majority of individuals in the area. Since 1996, he appeared in at least one film every year, and occasionally more, until his passing. Films such as Space Jam, North Country, and Split helped the former athlete to polish his acting skills.

His television resume is far more extensive. His breadth was astounding, ranging from police procedurals to prestige dramas like Dexter and Shameless.

Prior to discovering acting, Brad played professional football. “The New York Giants selected him in the fourth round of the 1989 draught, but he was ultimately released. He was acquired by the Broncos and participated in their 1990 Super Bowl loss to the 49ers “via Tucson Citizen.

After a career-ending injury, Brad shifted his focus to something else. “I’m fortunate to have discovered something I enjoy a million times more than football,” he told the publication.

Based on his decisions, it is evident that Brad had a genuine passion for his job. And despite the fact that his life was cut short, we know that he gave his best throughout his time on earth.

His hospital Instagram post says it all: “Not going to waste a second on anything that is not aimed toward love, happiness, and fulfilling my potential as a human, and serves my passion to be the best actor I can be.”

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