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In New Court Documents, Britney Spears’ Father Claims “She’s reportedly worth $15 million”

Jamie Spears is putting in papers to force his daughter Britney Spears to give a deposition. According to new court documents obtained by ET, Jamie’s lawyers say Britney is not only avoiding a deposition but also stands to make a reported $15 million from an upcoming tell-all book about her conservatorship and the things Britney is refusing to talk about in court.

According to Jamie’s lawyers, “Britney’s counsel has no legal reason to object to Britney’s deposition.” The 40-year-old pop star has already testified in court about this case, and she “continues to make public social media posts with inflammatory claims about various facts,” they said.

Also, Jamie’s lawyer says that the 69-year-old has the “right to prepare his case and depose Britney” because some of Britney’s Instagram posts make “inflammatory and unsubstantiated claims against him.”

Britney Spears's Father Claims In New Court Documents: She Is Reportedly Making $15 Million

“Jamie has the right to prepare his case and take Britney’s deposition, as the Court of Appeal already found in another case where Britney was a party. This is because Britney is the one making false and hurtful claims against Jamie. Britney’s testimony is directly relevant, likely to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence, and well within the proper scope of discovery… Britney’s lawyer hasn’t done anything to show why Britney’s deposition shouldn’t happen, which is a very high bar “In the papers, Jamie’s lawyers say that.

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Jamie’s legal team says that Britney is avoiding testifying because she doesn’t want to talk about “emotionally difficult topics.” However, Britney’s legal team says that she can’t avoid these topics because she already talks about them on Instagram and in her upcoming tell-all book, which she reportedly signed a deal for in February.

“Britney can’t avoid being a witness because she might have to talk about things that are hard for her to talk about…

Even if Britney’s health was affected in some way, that wouldn’t stop her from giving a full deposition “Before bringing up the book, Jamie’s friend told him. “It’s ridiculous that Britney can talk about the same issues she brings up in public (even to cash a $15 million check) but would be “unduly burdened” by the lawsuit her lawyer started.

Forbes said in February that Britney got a $15 million advance from Simon & Schuster to write her autobiography.

According to Jamie’s lawyers, he has offered to be deposed “multiple times” since January. He also asked that his and Britney’s depositions be scheduled for the same week to make things fair, but Britney’s lawyers would not agree to that.

In New Court Documents, Britney Spears' Father Claims "She's reportedly worth $15 million."

Britney’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart alleges in the documents that Jamie’s deposition was first noted on Oct. 20 and that his client’s father has since been served two more notifications, but hasn’t agreed to “many” recommended dates or supplied any potential dates of his own.

The documents also claim that Britney’s legal team has offered Jamie’s lawyers the option of holding the deposition in Los Angeles, Louisiana, or any other location in the country with an appropriate facility, but neither Jamie nor his lawyers have responded.

“Mr. Spears can flee, but he cannot escape his legal and fiduciary obligations forever. His obstruction and obfuscation must not prevent the truth from being revealed; it has merely compelled the parties to invest unneeded resources in a protracted effort to achieve his cooperation “The documents were read. “However, after utilizing his daughter’s money to cover his legal fees and expenses for more than 13 years, Mr. Spears will now have to pay his legal fees for the first time.”

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Britney’s lawyer claims that because Jamie allegedly failed to appear or arrange a deposition, “it is clear that Mr. Spears would not voluntarily sit for his deposition and that he must be made to do so.”

The document also failed to create communications regarding the startling electronic monitoring devices Jamie had “placed to spy on her kid,” including purported information gained by “placing insects in her daughter’s bedroom” I insist. The document asserts that as a suspended guardian, Jamie “is legally compelled to generate all of these emails and text messages.”

When the first suspicions that Jamie had tapped Britney’s bedroom surfaced, Jamie’s attorney stated: The New York Times. “All of his acts were within the scope of the court’s power. Britney, a court-appointed attorney, and the court was aware of and approved of his acts. Jamie’s track record as a guardian and the court’s approval speak for themselves.

Jamie “has no acceptable legal justification for declining to appear for his testimony,” the document states.

Britney’s father’s guardianship over her property was revoked in September 2021. Her guardian ceased her care after two months.

ET is seeking a reaction from attorneys for both Jamie and Britney.

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The September 30 hearing established Jamie Spears’ suspension as conservator of Britney’s estate. Judge Brenda Penny ordered that Spears’ father, who has been in charge of her whole life since 2008, should be removed as conservator immediately.
Some of those millions were utilized to fund Jamie’s proposed show, Cookin’ Cruzin’ & Chaos. In addition to the $6 million, Jamie spent approximately $30 million in legal fees, which were deducted from Britney’s earnings.
According to a prominent website that assesses celebrities’ net worth, Jamie Lynn Spears’ net worth is $6 million.