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Cinderella guitarist Jeff LaBar dead at 58

LaBar was Cinderella’s guitarist and appeared on all four of their albums before the band disbanded in 2017.

In 1985, he took over for the band’s founding guitarist, Michael Schermick. Cinderella, which featured singer-songwriter, Tom Keifer, sold approximately 15 million records worldwide.

The group’s first two albums, Night Songs in 1986 and Long Cold Winter in 1988, were both certified triple platinum for sales of more than three million copies.

They followed up with two more albums, Heartbreak Station and Still Climbing.

LaBar also released a solo album, One For The Road, in 2014, and has performed with a variety of other bands such as Cheap Thrill, Freakshow, and the Naked Beggars.

He was known as a foodie and chef, collaborating with chef “Iron Mike” Rolchigo to create a hot sauce that was “almost ready for production” in early July 2021, according to reports.

LaBar blamed himself for the band’s demise, claiming that his heavy drinking was a major factor.

In 2016, the Nobody’s Fool frontman told Another FN Podcast, “I believe it’s all my fault.”

“It’s no secret that I’ve struggled with a drinking issue. And it made an appearance on one of the [cruises that Cinderella took].


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“I suppose that’s what sparked the schism.

“When I passed out in front of everyone on one of those cruise ships – like, basically O.D.’d – that’s when the band, and especially Tom, took notice and was like, ‘What the f**k?'”

“It’s only Tom and me who don’t talk anymore,” Jeff continued. And I can only assume he’s disappointed and doesn’t want to see me die. He doesn’t want to see me die.”

LaBar and his then-wife Gaile LaBar-Bernhardt had a son named Sebastian.

What caused Jeff LaBar’s death?

LaBar, who was born on March 18, 1963, reportedly passed away on July 14, 2021, in his apartment in Nashville, Tennessee.

His ex, Gaile LaBar-Bernhardt, who had come to check on him after not hearing from him for a few days, found him unconscious.


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No cause of death has been disclosed as of yet.

Sebastian, his 28-year-old son, posted on Instagram to confirm LaBar’s passing.

I just got the call, he wrote. My father, my hero, and my idol, @jefflabar, passed away today.

“Right now I’m at a loss for words. Pop, I adore you!

Please share any images or videos of the enjoyable times we all had with my dad. We would be grateful for it.

The Legacy of Jeff Labar

Three years after the band’s formation, in 1985, he started his career with Cinderella. Michael Schermick, the band’s original guitarist, was replaced by LaBar.

One year after joining the group, the guitarist’s first album with Cinderella was released. They launched their debut album, “Night Songs,” in 1986, and it quickly rose to third place on the Billboard 200.


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They released their subsequent album, “Long Cold Winter,” to fans two years later. It contains “Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone),” the band’s most well-known song.

The first two Cinderella albums, which each sold over three million copies, were certified triple platinum.

They recorded two more albums in the years that followed, “Heartbreak Station” and “Still Climbing,” and they went on tours with Bon Jovi and Poison. After a long break, Cinderella announced its dissolution in 2017.


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In addition to his work with the band, LaBar recorded his solo album “One For The Road” in 2014. He shared the stage with a number of bands, including Cheap Thrill, Freakshow, and the Naked Beggars.

He once claimed sole responsibility for Cinderella’s divorce. He admitted that his drinking issue led to their breakup during his appearance on Another FN Podcast With Izzy Presley.

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“I suppose that’s what sparked the conflict. The band, and especially Tom [Keifer], took notice when I passed out in front of everyone on one of those cruise ships and were like, “What the f-k?” “As reported by Fox News, he stated.

Keifer, Fred Coury, and Eric Brittingham, the remaining members of Cinderella, nevertheless, expressed their sorrow at losing their former bandmate permanently.