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First Look at the Csi: Vegas Season 2 Premiere: Catherine Willows is Back!

Marg Helgenberger will soon be welcomed back into the CSI universe.

For the first episode of season two of CSI: Vegas, CBS has released some narrative details and images.

The press release promises, “CSI: Vegas season two opens off with the return of Catherine Willows as she convinces Maxine Roby to let her rejoin the elite CSI team in Las Vegas.”

Since the mothership series’ season finale in 2015, fans have not seen Catherine.

Although CSI: Vegas focuses on a new generation of CSIs, many doubts remain over Catherine’s fate.

We have a tendency to think that Catherine’s efforts to rejoin the group will be guided by information that is hidden from us.

Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle were brought back for a plot in CSI: Vegas Season 1 along with other original stars.

CSI Vegas Season 2

We’re not sure if this story is supposed to include any additional original stars.

But just like William Petersen and Jorka Fox did in the first season, Helgenberger also agreed to a one-year contract to return.

There was some hope that either of them would return for the second season, but when the show was renewed, we were informed that Petersen would be leaving once more.

Fox, on the other hand, declared that she was happy with the way their narrative ended and that she didn’t like the thought of dividing Grissom and Sara apart once more.

In December, CBS formally renewed CSI: Vegas.

Amy Reisenbach, executive VP of current programs at CBS, commented on the pickup, saying, “The incredibly talented CSI: Vegas creative team and the cast did a superb job this first season, brilliantly updating and portraying the CSI universe with fresh stories and a new crime lab, proving that after 20 years, the CSI fan base is still hungry for more and ready to embrace a new chapter in this illustrious franchise.”

CSI: Vegas Adds Sara Amini as a New Medical Examiner

The details of who will return for CSI: Vegas Season 2 are becoming clear as the launch date draws near.

Sara Amini will take over as Chief Medical Examiner for Mel Rodriguez from Hugo Ramirez, according to Deadline.

Joel Johnstone (Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) will portray Jack, the assistant medical examiner, and Sarah Amini (Future Man) will play Sonya.

The fact that these two new characters are siblings means that family tensions will also be in play.

They join other recent recruits Ariana Guerra and Led Medlin (Drop Dead Diva) (Promised Land).

According to Deadline, Medlin would portray Beau, “who spent the last 20 years as one of Dow Chemical’s top research specialists.”

CSI Vegas Season 2 (3)

Beau made the decision to take a drastic income drop in order to pursue a job that was more fulfilling.

He is the all-time most overqualified CSI Level 1; this should make for entertaining television.

Guerra will play Serena in the meantime “a tough-skinned, little but formidable, hard-boiled cynic. There isn’t room for a filter inside Serena.”

The character analysis describes Serena as “a daughter of cops and a sister of doctors. Serena is not willing to let science lead the way without some tart commentary and demanding questions.”

Meanwhile, Chris Park’s recurring character Jay Lee has been promoted to series regular.

The information was released when it was revealed that Jorja Fox and William Petersen had quit the revival after one season.

When Petersen first declared his departure, Jorja said she didn’t want to separate Grissom and Sara once more.

Marg Helgenberger, a seasoned member of the franchise, completed an agreement to replace them.

But in order to reintegrate Catherine Willows, this is a 12-month agreement.

If the show receives a third season, there’s a significant chance it will continue to evolve with members of the original cast.

Additionally scheduled to return are Matt Lauria, Mandeep Dhillon, and Paula Newsome, all of whom will reprise their roles from the first season.