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Dan Lembo, Star of “Survivor: Nicaragua,” Dies at Age 75; Cause of Death is Investigated

Dan Lembo, a former survivor from Nicaragua, died at the age of 75. In September, the former competitor from a reality show passed away at his Manhattan home. The cause of Dan Lembo’s death was a rare brain ailment, according to his daughter-in-law Emily Lembo.

Additionally, the Lembo family has memorialized their beloved Dan through an obituary. He gained notoriety after taking part in the 21st season of Survivor in 2010 and making it to the final five. Continue reading to learn more about his life and work.

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Dan Lembo Died at Age 75

Dan lost his battle with progressive supranuclear palsy, an incurable brain condition, on September 3, according to Emily. His speech, memory, and motor skills were eventually impacted by the illness, which he battled for six years. Dan Lembo’s family members planned a memorial service for him in September.

Dan Lembo, Star of "Survivor: Nicaragua," Dies at Age 75; Cause of Death is Investigated

Hundreds of his friends showed up for the service, but nobody from the Survivor community seems to have heard the news at the time. In the words of his family, Lembo was a “charismatic, larger-than-life, gregarious bon vivant who loved nothing more than spending time with his children and friends, both old and new.

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He played softball with buddies in Bridgehampton on the weekends. All people will remember Daniel as a friend and a father to two children. The former contestant from Survivor is survived by his sons Matthew and Michael, daughters-in-law Emily and Dana, grandchildren Ava, Annabelle, Sailor, James, and Harper, and his ex-wife Barbara.

Dan Lembo Appeared in the 21st Season of Survivor

Dan was born on November 7, 1946, in Brooklyn. In 1969, he received his degree from Brooklyn College in New York. He took part in the 21st season of Survivor, Survivor: Nicaragua, in 2010 at the age of 63. The other candidates on the show liked Dan, although he did poorly in the challenges.

On Day 37, he made it to the top 5 before being eliminated. He was a millionaire when he participated in the reality show and also had a job in real estate. Dan gained notoriety for participating in the challenges while donning branded alligator shoes. He admitted in an interview following his elimination that he did not take part in the show for financial gain.

He preferred to embark on a journey. I didn’t compete in Survivor for cash. Dan had said, “I wanted the adventure.” I’m the kind of guy who, when faced with a difficulty, believes that he is capable of meeting it. I, therefore, decided to participate in this bizarre game, and I think I performed okay. I got extremely far,” he had continued.

Dan’s Sons Pen an Emotional Tribute

Dan’s sons Matthew and Michael paid their father a moving homage in the obituary. “I appreciate you being my father. You appeared to be content. You were my closest pal. You are missed, Matthew wrote.

No matter the circumstance, Dad, you were always there for me, Michael Lembo wrote. I called you on the phone first. You and I traveled together. We would travel on the weekends.

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We were always together, whether we were skiing in Vermont, looking at houses in the Hamptons, spending a balmy weekend in Miami, or attending a Yankees playoff game. You will be missed. I cherish you. We send our sympathies to Dan Lembo’s loved ones. God grant him eternal peace!