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Everything that We Know About the Novel Doors of Stone

The Kingkiller Chronicle will come to a close with the publication of the third and last book in the series very soon. However, before that, the audience has a lot of questions and concerns regarding a variety of topics. And in regard to the future novel, the following is the information that we now possess.

The book in question was written by the well-known novelist Patrick Rothfuss. In an interview conducted not long before the publication of his first book, The Name of the Wind, Patrick Rothfuss said that he had considered using The Doors of Stone as a potential title for his third book in the series.

There have been more than ten million copies of the books in the series sold. Well, Patrick Rothfuss has also published the first chapter of his highly anticipated novel, The Doors of Stone, which is the novel’s prologue. Let us embark on an adventure.

What Kind Of Experience Can You Count On From The Doors Of Stone?

The narrative is structured so that it includes a “story within a story.” Kvothe’s story will carry on from where it was left off in The Wise Man’s Fear when The Doors of Stone is released. It will cover the third and last day of the story as told by Chronicler, bringing “Kvothe’s story” and the “arc” that began in The Name of the Wind to a successful conclusion.

On the other hand, Rothfuss intends to write other novels that take place in Temerant. The publication date of the book has not been disclosed just yet, and we are still awaiting an official confirmation of the information.

When asked about his work, the author once remarked, “I worked on The Wise Man’s Fear for a long time, and there were a ton of problems with it.”

After that, Rothfuss continued by saying, “and it didn’t line up with the first book anymore in a lot of places because I had changed it so much and improved it and people had been added and character tales had been created and built on.” After that, I was responsible for all of that, and on top of that, I was a better writer than I had been before, so I really fleshed things out and did a lot of other stuff.

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The Opening Chapter of “Doors of Stone”

The following is an excerpt from the prologue that was read by Rothfuss: “It was still night in the center of Newarre.” There was complete silence at the Waystone Inn, and it was a silence that was divided into three pieces. The most noticeable aspect was a wide, reverberating silence brought about by things that were absent.

If the horizon had showed even the tiniest hint of blue, the town would have been abuzz with activity. There would be the sound of kindling being lit, along with the soft murmur of water being heated to make oatmeal or tea. With the indifferent briskness of an old birch broom, the gradual dewy hush of people passing over the grass would have brushed the silence off the front steps of the houses.

If Newarre had been large enough to require watchmen, then those individuals would have shuffled and mumbled their way through the emptiness as if it were an unwelcome visitor. If only there had been music… but alas, there wasn’t any music to be heard. In point of fact, none of these things existed, which is why there was no break in the quiet.

The odor of coal smoke and charred iron could be detected in the Waystone’s basement. There was evidence of hasty labor everywhere; tools were strewn around, bottles were abandoned in a jumbled state, and a spill of acid hissed softly to itself after it had slid over the edge of a large stone bowl.

Pinging sounds may be heard emanating from the bricks of a miniature forge that were located nearby as they cooled. These insignificant noises that had been forgotten gave a stealthy stillness to an otherwise huge and resounding one. They fastened everything together with a shiny brass thread that looked like tiny stitches. The low drumming counterpoint, sometimes known as a timbre beat, that can be heard in the background of a music.

The third pause in conversation was difficult to pick up on at first. If you listened carefully for a long enough period of time, you may start to sense it in the icy copper of the Waystone’s locks, which had been tightened tight to keep the night at away. It hid in the strong timbers of the entrance and nested deep within the gray foundation stones of the structure.

It was in the hands of the man who had constructed the inn as he gently disrobed next to a bed that was sparsely furnished and somewhat narrow. The man’s hair was a vivid shade of red, almost as fiery as a flame. His eyes were dark and tired, and he moved with the careful care of a man who was terribly hurt, exhausted, or older than his years. His eyes were dark and sad.

In the same way that he owned the third quiet, he also owned the Waystone. This was appropriate given that it was the quietest of the three and held the others within of themselves. It was as extensive and profound as the end of fall. It had the weight of a large river stone that had been polished. It was the sound of a guy who is patiently waiting to die, like the sound of cut flowers.

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Things are progressing in a “slow” manner

Once he reached a total of $300,000 in donations, Rothfuss made good on his promise to release a portion of The Doors of Stone that was both full and devoid of spoilers. Rothfuss offered some light on what is going on in the novel, which is something that the audience has been waiting for, since they have been waiting for a chapter to be revealed.

There are a lot of speculations floating around, and one of them is that it will be released in August of the year 2020. But in point of fact, it didn’t.

Rothfuss has been quoted as saying, “There are a lot of things in the process, and things are progressing more slowly than I would want.” And a significant portion of the reason for that is due to the fact that I am progressing at a pace that is slower than I would want. There is a lot that I’m doing in general, and it’s manifesting itself in a variety of forms, in addition to the other things that are happening in my life.

In addition to this, he stated, “I also feel so terrible that I have not been more vocal about it all on the blog, or at least given people updates and other similar information.” So it is coming, and the preparations are already underway. I kind of wish that it had been finished earlier so that I could have shared it with you and we could have enjoyed ourselves together.”

And then, as a final comment, she said, “I also don’t want to speed through it and half-ass it.”

The release of the official statement, as well as any additional material, will have to be delayed for the time being. In the interim, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us to find out further particulars.

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