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Fans of Gold Rush Lack Confidence in Fred for Season 13

Although gold miner Fred Lewis has only been a part of Discovery’s “Gold Rush” since 2019 (when he joined the cast of “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail” as a special forces medic), he may have garnered the most backlash and criticism of any cast member in the show’s history.

Since becoming a series regular at the beginning of Season 11 of “Gold Rush,” Fred Lewis has endured a great deal of online vitriol from fans. Many fans claim they skip through all of his “Gold Rush” sequences because they are bored with his character. Indeed, “Gold Rush” supporters have not held back in their criticism of Fred Lewis: they have criticized his work ethic, questioned his intelligence, and even posted particularly vile slurs about Lewis’ kid.

In a behind-the-scenes clip shared on Twitter, the “Gold Rush” star can be seen chuckling as he reads some of the most vicious insults he’s gotten. Lewis is completely aware of the online hatred directed at him. Unfortunately, the premiere of Season 13 of “Gold Rush” has sparked a fresh round of criticism directed against Fred Lewis, as many online fans are sure that his gold mining operation is doomed.

Fans Believe Fred’s Mining Season Has Gotten Off to a Terrible Start

Fans on Reddit have been unreserved in their criticism of Fred Lewis’ mining operation, with many stating that they have absolutely no faith in him as a gold miner or leader. “I wanted to believe Fred was running a legitimate company this time,” u/mudpupper remarked. But after four weeks, he is still not mining, he has no plant, and he cannot figure out how to carve a route through the snow. U/fish in barrels was quick to respond and concur “Yep. Fred’s horse ****ing scheme is as phony as a kartrashian.”

Fans of Gold Rush Lack Confidence in Fred for Season 13

In addition to these insinuations that Fred is not operating a legitimate mining operation, other users insulted his lack of leadership and poorly managed operation. Fred’s lack of poise when operating his excavators was attacked by U/Canaye, who asserted, “He cannot operate or command his team.” Due to a mishap with Fred’s mine’s wash plant, U/itchy-and-scratchy disparaged Fred’s IQ.

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In the first four episodes of “Gold Rush” Season 13, the overall view among Reddit users is that Fred Lewis’ season is off to a terrible start, as he has encountered problems with his excavators, wash plant, and mining site ice. Fred has the remainder of the mining season to turn things around, but it’s evident that the popular backlash against him is only growing stronger, despite the fact that he still has time.