“Star Wars” Actor Gary Friedkin Dead at 70 from “COVID Complications”

"Star Wars" Actor Gary Friedkin Dead at 70 from "COVID Complications"
"Star Wars" Actor Gary Friedkin Dead at 70 from "COVID Complications"

Gary Friedkin, known for his roles in Star Wars and Happy Days, died at age 70. According to the New York Post, he died of COVID-19 complications.

According to the Tribune Chronicle, the actor died peacefully on December 2 in a hospice after “enduring a difficult” three and a half weeks in the intensive care unit of a Youngstown, Ohio, hospital.

Gary Friedkin, who was born in Youngstown on November 23, 1952, is remembered as a “gift to all who knew him.” He appears in “Blade Runner” as well as episodes of “The Twilight Zone,” “The Practice,” and “Chicago Hope.” On “Happy Days,” he portrayed Clarence, a cook at Arnold’s restaurant. Most recently, Friedkin appeared as Shorty in Marshall’s 2016 film “Mother’s Day.”

Let’s examine some interesting facts about the famous actor Gary Friedkin

Net Worth: Gary Friedkin’s net worth reportedly ranged between $800,000 and $2 million, according to a publication called ABTC. He was an outstanding actor.

Childhood: The iconic actor, often known as Kishka, was born on November 23, 1952. He had four siblings and was an expert on numerous musical instruments. He pursued his Bachelor of Music degree at Youngstown State University’s Dana School of Music. To his boyhood buddies, he was also known as “Kishka.”

He was a regular member of the non-profit organization Little People of America, in addition to his professional employment. “Support, resources, and information for individuals with dwarfism and their families” is the aim of the organization.

According to the obituary, Gary Friedkin’s family has announced the establishment of a scholarship in his name at Youngstown State University for “people with a disability or a concentration in the performing arts.”

Gary Friedkin Career: Gary Friedkin made his film debut in 1981 with the comedy Under the Rainbow. He has appeared in Blade Runner and Return of the Jedi without receiving credit. He was last seen in the 2016 film Mother’s Day, directed by Garry Marshall.

He was well-known for his roles in several films and television shows. The actor gained widespread recognition for his roles in Happy Days and Star Wars. His film credits include Young Doctors in Love and Cool World. Additionally, he appeared on Chicago Hope and The Practice.

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