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Ginna Movie Review: This is a very strange love story that ends in disaster.

Renuka (Sunny Leone) and Ginna (Vishnu Manchu), who were best friends as kids, see each other again after years apart, but things aren’t the same. Will Ginna be able to find his way through the complicated web of love, lies, and deadly rivalries?

Ginna Movie Review

Ginna, as he is known in his small town, is a cool guy with a lot of swag and Tashan but not much money. Ginna is at a crossroads in his life. He runs a tent business with a group of childhood friends and neighborhood boys, but he has to give up his personal happiness to pay off business debts. Renuka, his childhood sweetheart, shows up.

She is deaf and mute, but she has a lot of money and a lot of fame. Ginna’s financial problems could be solved by her, but his heart also goes out to Swathi (Payal Rajput), a childhood friend who has grown up to be a beautiful young woman. Renuka and Swathi are both crazy about Ginna, but this is not a simple love triangle that is easy to solve.

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This is a very strange love story that ends in disaster.
Suryaah and his writer Kona Venkat spend the whole first half of the movie setting up the story for the second half, which is a lot more chaotic and unpredictable. So, it’s clear that “Ginna” gets off to a slow start, with the screenplay slowly introducing its strange and different characters, who have a deep connection to each other.

As the movie moves into the second half, the story picks up speed and the dark humor starts to come out. It’s not very clever or logical, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t funny or entertaining. It’s exactly the type of big, loud humor that will make you laugh more than once. Even if the creators didn’t mean for it to be scary, nothing on the screen is scary, but it is definitely funny.

The main actor in the movie makes his presence known as the tall Ginna, who has an endearing goofiness and lack of sophistication that goes against the typical image of a larger-than-life southern hero. Sunny Leone is an interesting choice to play a character who is originally from the country, but she is shown as an NRI, which is the usual stereotype.

She works hard to play the complicated and interesting role of Renuka, who has to use her big breasts and curvy body for almost everything. Some of the things she does on screen, like beating up the bad guys, look like they were set up and are funny by accident. Payal Rajput looks beautiful as the cool and shy Swathi, and Chammak Chandra as the scared Rakesh Master, and Vennela Kishore as Mysore Bujji bring the laughs as Rakesh Master and Mysore Bujji, respectively. The songs are loud and jarring, and they have nothing to do with the story.
Overall, Ginna is a big, messy mess that doesn’t care about things like logic, great acting, or conviction as long as it can make people laugh and have a good time. It even does that more than once.

Release Date

On October 21st, the horror-comedy Telugu film Ginna starring Vishnu Manchu, Sunny Leone, and Paayal Rajput will be released. It is directed by Eshaan Suryaah, a youthful and vibrant filmmaker.

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