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Pregnant the Expectant Parents, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, Have Revealed the Gender of Their Second Child

The Pratt siblings, Heidi Montag and Spencer can’t wait to welcome their new baby into the family!

The couple from The Hills: New Beginnings recently broke their silence over the gender of their upcoming child, declaring in an exclusive video interview with Entertainment Tonight that they will have another son. The couple already has a son, Gunner Stone, who is 4 years old and is expecting another son.

During the conversation, Montag Pratt, who is 35 years old, acknowledged that she had not planned on having another son. “My entire intuitive process is messed up,” she said.

The woman about to become a mother of two children stated that the news is joyful for Gunner, who has been wanting a younger sibling. She shared, “When I was little, I always wanted boys, but recently I’ve kind of started thinking, I don’t know, I kind of want a girl and having one of each.” “Gunner has expressed a strong desire to have a sibling, and as such, you know, ultimately I want what would be most beneficial for him and his life.”

Pratt, who is 38 years old, voiced his appreciation for the fact that the pregnancy has progressed to this point. “Concerning ourselves with gender is a concern of the past in my head. We give thanks to God, for this miraculous delivery of a baby.”


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Montag Pratt gave her followers an update on how she’s feeling at this phase in her pregnancy, which is approximately 20 weeks in, hours before she made her big reveal.

She captioned a pair of images on Instagram with the phrase “Everything has leveled up!” The photos included one of her holding her pregnant belly and another of Gunner kissing her tummy. “Feeling those hormones, very happy and emotional ” “Feeling those hormones”

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

Early in the month of June, Montag Pratt revealed her pregnancy to the publication PEOPLE.

Over the course of the past year, she has been candid with her audience about the difficulties she has encountered while trying to conceive another child with Pratt.

The Sex of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s Second Child Has Been Revealed

After a number of years of unsuccessful attempts at having another child, Montag, and Pratt, now 38, revealed in June that they were expecting another child.

The singer is known for her hit “Body Language” has been quoted as saying, “I just felt like something was missing.” “I had the impression that there was someone in our family that I loved very deeply who was absent,” you said.

Montag revealed the news in a post she made to her Instagram account, in which she described how she began “hysterically crying” when she saw the word “pregnant” on the test.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

“Gunner asked me why I was sobbing and I told him that I was so excited because he is going to be a big brother!” the former MTV star continued. “Gunner is going to be a big brother!” “It would be an understatement to say that we are all thrilled about this. I am in utter gratitude! We cannot contain our excitement for the trip that lies ahead of us.

Prior to getting pregnant again, Montag underwent surgery in 2021 to help her chances of conceiving.

The “Superficial” singer documented her hysteroscopic polypectomy procedure via YouTube at the time, telling her subscribers that she hoped to make a baby “right away.”

Montag and Pratt welcome their son, Gunner, in October 2017, nearly 10 years after they got married in 2008.