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Season 2 of House of the Dragon will begin production in early 2023.

Fans are already eager to learn what happens next in the Game of Thrones prequel drama, as the first season finale will be released on Monday.

This article contains spoilers for the first season of House of the Dragon.

With its disappointing final season, Game of Thrones lost the lion’s share of the audience’s respect it once held as the pinnacle of prestige fantasy television. But HBO’s prequel spin-off House of the Dragon regained much of the respect its predecessor had lost. The first season of Game of Thrones was a marked improvement over the previous episodes, bringing the series closer to its golden age than many anticipated.

Even if the final season of Game of Thrones was a bit of a failure, this did not convert into a lack of early interest in Dragon. In contrast, audience data shattered all previous HBO records, with the Dragon premiere becoming the most-watched program ever on the network.

It is therefore not surprising that a second season was ordered shortly after the first episode aired. HBO’s Francesca Orsi stated, “We couldn’t be more eager to continue bringing the epic saga of House Targaryen to life with season two.”

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Fascinatingly, there will be a change at the top of the heap when the second season begins. Miguel Sapochnik, a series regular on Game of Thrones and co-showrunner on the first season of Dragon, will stand down for the second block of episodes.

“Working within the Game of Thrones universe over the past few years has been an honor and a privilege,” he remarked (via The Hollywood Reporter). “Of course, I wish success to [House of the Dragon co-creator Ryan Condal] and his colleagues for season two and beyond.”

Condal told Variety that they hope to begin filming the second season in early 2023, with a launch date “to be determined.” You’d think it would be nearly difficult to produce a complete season of Game of Thrones in a single calendar year, but the showrunner did not rule out a release in the same year.

Here is everything else we know about the second season of House of the Dragon.

What will occur in the second season of House of the Dragon?

Indeed, here it is. Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy) has been unable to avoid civil war with her father’s wife and ex-best friend, Alicent (Olivia Cooke), after the loss of her son, Lucerys (Elliot Grihault), at the hands of Aemond’s dragon, Vhagar. It may have been a mistake, but this is a crucial point of no return from which war will ensue.

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What else? A significant amount of death and destruction. According to Paddy Considine’s comparison, the titular dragons are the fantasy equivalent of nuclear weapons. As it stands, each side of the conflict possesses roughly the same number of animals, but even one is sufficient to destroy entire cities and encampments several times over (see: the conclusion of Game of Thrones). It appears that Rhaenyra’s plan is to blockade King’s Landing from the sea with the Velaryon fleet while keeping an aerial edge in the skies – a difficult task when the other side can guarantee mutual devastation.

Season 2 of House of the Dragon will begin production in early 2023.

In addition, she must secure the support of Houses Tully, Baratheon, and Stark, the latter being the Winterfell-based family of Eddard, Bran, Arya, and company. We’ve already been to Storm’s End; as a result, Lucerys was devoured. Does this imply that the narrative will grow beyond the borders of the Red Keep, Dragonstone, and Driftmark?

Condal told Variety that the second season of the show must surely increase its scope. “I believe these locations will continue to serve as the show’s home bases. But an impending battle will demand allegiances from diverse kingdoms and troops across the entirety of Westeros. In the end, I don’t believe we’ll surpass the scope of the first Game of Thrones,” he stated, teasing “other worlds” not seen in the original Thrones. Rest assured, there will be ample opportunity.

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Does season two of House of the Dragon have a release date?

There is currently no confirmation. A local Spanish newspaper indicated that the HBO production would return to Cáceres, the city that stood in for King’s Landing in the first season, for filming in early 2023.

In an interview with Variety, showrunner Ryan Condal stated that production will begin in early 2023. Condal did not rule out a 2023 release date, despite its improbability.

In the meanwhile, you may watch the first season of House of the Dragon on Sky Atlantic at 2:00 a.m. on Mondays, or stream episodes weekly on NOW.

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