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How Old is Gossip Girl Actress Tavi Gevinson Compared to Her Castmates?

Currently, Tavi Gevinson is 25 years old. Tavi entered this world on April 21, 1996, in Chicago, Illinois. She developed along with her two sisters, Rivkah Gevinson and Miriam Gevinson, in Oak Park, Illinois. Gevinson is also of mixed racial and ethnic heritage and has American nationality.

She astounded a lot of Gossip Girl followers when her part in the 2021 follow-up season was revealed. She plays a young teacher, contrary to the popular expectation that she would portray a high school student. It turns out that she isn’t all that much older than the teens who portray her adolescent students on the TV show, and she may even be younger than some of them.

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Real name Tavi Gevinson
Net Worth $7 million
Age 25 years old
Date of birth April 21, 1996
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois
Nationality American

What is the Net Worth of “Gossip Girl” Star Tavi Gevinson?

Tavi Gevinson is rumored to have a net worth of approximately $7 million thanks to the fact that she began her career when she was still in her early teens. Her accomplishments include acting, writing, modeling, and the creation of Rookie magazine.

How Old Is Tavi Gevinson (Kate Keller) Compared to Her Castmates?

Additionally, Tavi was featured on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list; however, the exact amount of Tavi’s net worth has not been disclosed. As the season progress, you can anticipate Tavi’s net worth to increase thanks to her new role on Gossip Girl.

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How Tavi Gevinson Began Her Career as an Actress

Steve Gevinson, the father of Tavi Gevinson, was raised by Orthodox Jews. Her father was a former English teacher in high school. Similar to Tavi, Berit Engen, Tavi’s mother, was probably raised as a Lutheran before converting to Judaism. In Illinois, Berit graduated from Oak Park and River Forest High School.


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She eventually enrolled at New York University after some time. When Tavi was 12 years old, she launched her fashion website, Style Rookie. Many images were contributed by that blog. She became well-known as a result of her magazine appearance, and she received invitations to the Paris and New York Fashion Weeks. Additionally, Gevinson appeared in a New York Times article about young bloggers. Tavi’s lucrative career has allowed her to amass a net worth of about $7 million. She currently resides at 35 Stored Building, 300 Ashland in Fort Greene. Her house rents a bedroom for $3500 a month.

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Tavi Gevinson plays Kate Keller in ‘Gossip Girl.’

Kate Keller is portrayed by Gevinson in Gossip Girl. Kate is a teacher at Constance Billard, a private school in New York City. After one of her colleagues is fired owing to the influence of a student, she fears she or one of her coworkers could be next. Therefore, she devises a strategy modeled on the defunct blog from the original series.

How Old Is Tavi Gevinson (Kate Keller) Compared to Her Castmates?

By immediately revealing Gevinson (and her colleague teachers) as Gossip Girl, the series was set apart for the 25-year-old actor by breaking the stereotype. She told ET Online, “I thought that was very smart.” She said, in reference to the main character’s secret identity, “There’s no purpose in doing it again if it’s the same thing.”

She Promoted the Series Alongside Her ‘teen’ Co-stars

In March 2020, Gevinson was revealed to be a cast member of Gossip Girl. She promoted the show prior to its HBO Max premiere along with several other members of the main cast. Gevinson discussed the show but did not reveal any spoilers in videos for Cosmopolitan and other publications. Kate’s teaching status was thus unknown.

In reference to Gevinson’s somewhat ambiguous age, Gossip Girl creator Joshua Safran told Vanity Fair, “She has this thing where I can’t place her temporally.” What I mean is, is she perpetually 15 and asking the questions you haven’t yet learned you’re not supposed to ask,’ or is she 60 and the wisest professor at Smith?

Gevinson is Older Than Emily Alyn Lind and Whitney Peak

Whitney Peak and Emily Alyn Lind, who play high school students on Gossip Girl, are the cast members who are the youngest. Since she is only 18 years old, the former already has a few prestigious credits to her name. She most prominently returned in Season 2 of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Emily Alyn Lind is the second-youngest cast member of Gossip Girl. Since she was a young child, Lind has performed in movies like J. Edgar and TV shows like Revenge and All My Children. She most recently appeared in the horror films The Babysitter and the medical drama Code Black. Lind is a 19-year-old man.

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She’s Younger Than Jordan Alexander (and Others)

Surprisingly, Gevinson is younger than a couple of the performers who portray her students on Gossip Girl. It girl Julien Calloway is portrayed by newcomer Jordan Alexander, who is 27 years old, making her ten years older than her on-screen counterpart and roughly two years older than Gevinson. She is the starlet who is the youngest.

Additionally, Gevinson and Thomas Doherty (best known for programs like The Lodge and Legacies) are born on the same day, April 21, making them exactly one year older than each other. Additionally, Zión Moreno, 26, is a year older. And lastly, Eli Brown (Obie) and Evan Mock (Aki) are a bit younger than Gevinson, both being in their early 20s.