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Howie Mandel Prolapse Video Brust Internet: ‘traumatized’

Howie Mandel‘s TikTok video depicting a prolapsed anus has stunned the Internet. Saturday evening, America’s Got Talent judge uploaded the video to his verified TikTok account, which has more than 9.9 million followers.

In the tape, the Canadian comic stated, “This occurred” as a companion stooped. “Does anyone know if this virus is related to COVID? And if so, what are our options?”

The video was available for several hours before being pulled, and Mandel has not mentioned it in subsequent clips.

“Howie Man, I’m going to need you to discuss it “The leading comment on Mandel’s most recent TikTok video was written by a user. “This feels like a cover-up, Howard,” remarked a second individual, while a third demanded an “apology video with tears.”

The video also caused Mandel to trend on Twitter as other users expressed their horror.

“Howie Mandel has just scarred an entire generation of children with a single TikTok,” tweeted NBC News correspondent Kalhan Rosenblatt.

Howie Mandel

Samatha Scarlette, a singer, wrote: “Does Howie Mandel have a sound mind? That TikTok was completely bonkers. I’m simply like wow…”

Journalist Jules Suzdaltsev wondered why TikTok would not remove the video.

Suzdaltsev wrote, “I don’t understand why my films are removed from TikTok for suggesting that the cops may be terrible, whereas Howie Mandel released a video of a prolapse.”

Ronnie Talbott joked, “Howie Mandel’s TikTok is a metaphor for the entire globe right now.”

Another Twitter user posted an image from the film Mean Girls depicting people with their hands in the air with the caption, “Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally harmed by Howie Mandel displaying a prolapsed anus on tik tok.”

Some urged individuals not to investigate why Mandel was trending on Twitter, should they see the unedited video.

“I thought Howie Mandel had died or something worse,” commented one Twitter user. Another stated that they were “genuinely too afraid to use TikTok for fear of encountering Howie Mandel’s prolapse video.”

Mandel has previously discussed his own health, specifically his obsessive-compulsive illness.

In October of last year, he passed out on a visit to a Starbucks in Los Angeles and used Twitter to inform his fans. He stated, “I was dehydrated and had low blood sugar.”

Days earlier, he had released video footage of himself recovering following a colonoscopy in the hospital.

“As he awoke, the patient in the adjacent bed recognized my voice and attempted to audition for America’s Got Talent,” he added.

The Definition of Prolapse Is Provided While Howie Mandel’s Tiktok Leaves Twitter in Shock.

After posting a gruesome video to his official TikTok account, Howie Mandel has earned the displeasure of the internet. America’s Got Talent judge uploaded a horrifying video of a prolapse to the video-sharing website, leaving the internet in shock.

Since then, Mandel has topped Twitter trends.

The 66-year-old actor took to his “officialhowiemandel” TikTok account, where he has over 9.8 million followers and over 180 million likes. In a video released to TikTok today, the actor revealed a horrific sight of his friend’s rectal prolapse.

Explanation of the term prolapse as Howie Mandel broadcasts a scary video

WebMD describes prolapse as a condition in which a bodily part deviates from its normal position.

It appears from Howie Mandel’s graphic film that the visual depicts a rectal prolapse. In rectal prolapse, a portion of the large intestine deviates from its normal position, causing it to drop or slide out of the anus.

Howie Mandel asked the audience if his friend’s situation was related to the covid outbreak.

Online, neither medical professionals nor medal websites have confirmed the same. The precise reason for prolapse remains unknown. Nevertheless, the following factors have been shown to contribute to rectal prolapse:

Chronic diarrhea or chronic constipation Age-related deterioration of the rectal muscles and ligamentsPrevious injuries to the anal or hip region Chronic strain when defecating Neurological difficulties To address such prolapses, a physician may propose a procedure to return the rectum to its normal position.