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Indian woman cricketer recalls meeting Virat Kohli at a café; shares the advice she received from the cricketer

Indian woman cricketer, Jemimah Rodrigues recalls the time she spent talking to Virat Kohli in a café. The cricketer shares the advice she received from Kohli.

Virat Kohli is one of the most talented players and a brand that the world cricket cheers on and off the field. His aggression and cricketing brain set him apart from the crowd. Popularly referred to as King Kohli, Virat is all ears for a conversation be it an opponent bowler sledging or a youngster seeking advice. Virat is always known to share his advice with the youngsters in the world of cricket and guide them to a bright future. Lately, Indian woman cricketer, Jemimah Rodrigues accompanied by Smriti Mandhana, spilled the beans on their meeting with Virat.

“Smriti and I had the opportunity to talk to him. We had asked him ‘we want to speak to you Virat bhaiya about batting. Can we meet?’. We were in the same hotel in New Zealand. He was like ‘yeah sure, come’. So he called us at the cafe and Anushka Sharma was also there. We had asked him for just a few minutes but we ended up speaking for four hours. We spoke half an hour about batting but after that it was just normal things,” Rodrigues said on ‘The Ranveer Show’.

She further added,

“A lot of things were spoken. We spoke a lot about batting so I think I am privileged like that. I get to meet such people. At the right time, we met them and they’ve actually inspired me and helped me at that phase I was in. I asked him about how to handle expectations. I told him ‘You are Virat Kohli. If you’ve scored a fifty, it’s like you have underperformed for people. So how do you handle that expectation?’ He said ‘for me everytime I am out there on the field, I just look at the scoreboard and just focus on it. Do that and don’t focus on crowd and what I can do to help India win. If I stop giving these expectations importance, and just look at the process, the results will automatically follow’.”