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Is Zendaya pregnant? FAKE A TikTok video gets viral as supporters lose their calmness: ‘Y’all just tripping’

A Twitter thread featured the post of a TikTok user who had uploaded a phony image of Zendaya showing an ultrasound of a baby.

After a fake TikTok post stating that the ‘Spider-Man’ actress was pregnant appeared on Twitter on June 14, the hashtag ‘#Zendayaispregnant’ swiftly climbed to the top of the trending list. Fans of the “Euphoria” actor hurried to the microblogging site to corroborate the story but quickly discovered it was a fake.

A Twitter thread reposted the post of a TikTok user who had fabricated a photo of Zendaya holding an ultrasound scan of a baby. The false photo caption stated, “I adore you. Halfway there” with a red heart emoji while tagging the boyfriend of the actress, Tom Holland. The tweet quickly showed that they had pulled a hoax that was not well received by social media users.

Is Zendaya pregnant?

No, Zendaya is not pregnant due to her intense emphasis on her job. However, this is not the first time that speculations about Zendaya’s pregnancy have surfaced online. A photoshopped image of the 25-year-old actress sporting a baby bulge at a red carpet-event went viral in January 2022. The reports turned out to be false, and neither Zendaya nor her actor boyfriend Tom Holland commented on them.


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Tom Holland did, however, declare his desire to become a parent in an interview with People magazine in December 2021. “I enjoy children. I can and will wait to become a father, but I cannot wait! “Whenever I’m at a wedding or a celebration, you’ll always find me at the children’s table,” remarked the actor. He said, “My father has always been an excellent example for me. This is something I feel I learned from him. So, I am considering becoming an elementary school teacher or something similar.

‘Refuse to think Zendaya is pregnant’

“If Zendaya is pregnant, today is my final day on earth,” remarked one person, while another stated, “Zendaya is going to be startled as hell when she finds out on Twitter that she’s pregnant.” One said, “I refuse to accept that Zendaya is pregnant. We are, after all, on Twitter. Almost every tweet on this platform consists of either falsehoods or unsubstantiated assertions; a biased rumor. I have not yet seen evidence as of this tweet.”


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The following tweet stated, “Zendaya finding out she’s pregnant through Twitter: THIS IS WHY SHE DOESN’T CONVERSE WITH US.” “It’s insane asf that people truly believe Zendaya is pregnant because of a TikTok joke,” one user said. One person concluded, “Twitter is simply getting bored and spreading falsehoods since there’s no way Zendaya is pregnant; y’all are just on drugs.”

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