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Jack Harlow Identifies the Artist With Whom He Would Love to Collaborate

Jack Harlow‘s fans have watched as his fame and artistic prowess have soared in the last 12 months. The Louisville rapper appeared on NBC’s TODAY show as his Come Home The Kids Miss You tour was ready to begin in September to give viewers a preview of what to expect.

He spoke about what it’s like to start this tour before taking the stage to play some of his best hits, including “Industry Baby,” “What’s Poppin’,” “First Class,” and “Nail Tech.” In addition to saying, “A lot of my songs are sing-alongs and feel-good moments so there’s a warmth that binds us all together,” he continues, “It truly does feel good.” He also spoke about the results.

jack harlow

The interviewers commented on the number of well-known musicians he had already collaborated with in his career as they highlighted his accomplishments later in the discussion. Despite having worked with so many well-known artists, including Lil Nas X, Drake, and Justin Timberlake, Harlow was asked who his ideal collaborator would be. He replies that he wants to collaborate with André 3000 in the future,

Andre 3000 is a significant manifestation I’ve been working on for a long.

Many of the collaborations you just mentioned are ones that I had not yet completed when I was interviewed over the years.

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Man, all I want is Pharrell and Drake, and then it would happen. I’ll just keep saying André 3000 in the hope that it will come to pass.

The 22-date Jack Harlow tour kicks off on September 6 in Nashville, Tennessee, and concludes on October 16 in Atlanta.