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Jake Flint, Red Dirt, Artist Passed Away At 37

Jake Flint, an Oklahoman who performed and created songs in the Red Dirt country style, died suddenly, according to multiple social media posts. On Sunday, November 27, Flint’s manager, Brenda Cline, posted an emotional tribute to the late singer on Facebook.

She described him as “the funniest, hardest-working, a most passionate artist I’ve ever collaborated with in my career.” She said that Flint’s death occurred mere hours after his wedding, which took place on Saturday, November 26 (per his Facebook profile).

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About Jake Flint

Jake Flint, a native Oklahoman who was born in Mounds in 1985, spent his formative years east of Oklahoma City in the Holdenville oil fields. Jake Flint’s father, a renegade oilman, exposed his kid to a variety of musical influences, including rock, country, and songwriting greats, making him a musical prodigy and the inspiration for several Red Dirt musicians.

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Jake’s father exposed him to the music of John Denver, Dire Straits, John Prine, and Townes Van Zandt when he was young, while his elder sister subsequently introduced him to the music of Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

What Happened To Jake Flint?

Jake Flint, a Red Dirt country artist from Oklahoma, passed away at the age of 37, according to his wife and longtime manager. Saturday, only a few hours after his wedding, he, unfortunately, departed unexpectedly (November 26).

The manager of Flint wrote a heartfelt obituary on Facebook for her customer and close friend. Brenda Cline. She stated, “It is with a shattered heart and profound sorrow that I must inform you that Jake Flint has died away.” Several times today I attempted to post, but you cannot remark on something you do not comprehend.

Cause of Death

Many of Flint’s friends and the pubs and venues where he regularly played offered memorials on social media following his passing.

Jake Flint, Red Dirt, Artist Passed Away At 37

There is no confirmed cause of death. Jake Flint’s cause of death has not been reported by web publications or family members as of now.

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Numerous Tributes to the Late Musician

Jake’s death comes as a shock to his loyal fans. At the time of writing, no more information was available to the public.

Ben Stanton, a singer, and songwriter, posted on Twitter, “A musician buddy with whom I spent a great deal of time at performances, events, and news broadcasts passed very abruptly only hours after his wedding. Jake Flint was among the finest individuals in Oklahoma. I’m still in disbelief, bro.”

“Jake Flint has died. This is shockingly sad news. Jake was a well-liked Green Country artist who passed away far too young, according to a second tweet. Another admirer said, “Very sad to hear, particularly since he just got married a few hours ago! RIP”

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