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Josh Dallas was ‘Devastated’ by the Premature Cancellation of Manifest.

Netflix is the most popular streaming service with over 200 million customers globally. This success affords the streaming behemoth the means to renew a series that was rejected by traditional network television. As with “Black Mirror” and “Arrested Development” before it, Netflix has revived the supernatural thriller “Manifest.”

The plot of “Manifest” revolves around the inexplicable disappearance of a commercial jet en route from Jamaica to New York. After five and a half years, the plane, crew, and passengers miraculously return and land safely. The story follows the passengers as they acclimate to their new lives while encountering weird supernatural happenings, such as voices calling out to them and visions.

Josh Dallas was 'Devastated' by the Premature Cancellation of Manifest.

Three seasons of the program aired on NBC until it was abruptly canceled in June 2021. Surprisingly, the first two seasons of the series had just been released on Netflix a few days before to its termination, and its popularity surged, reaching the Top 10 in the United States. Fortunately, it appears that Netflix took note of the ratings and saved the series by renewing it for a fourth season in August 2021, giving viewers the opportunity to learn the truth behind Flight 838.

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Whenever a television series is terminated without reason, individuals involved experience a significant emotional reaction. Josh Dallas, who portrays college lecturer Ben Stone on “Manifest,” recently discussed his first reactions to the show’s cancellation and subsequent search for a new home.

While promoting the November 2022 debut of the fourth season, Dallas sat down with the Hollywood Reporter to discuss the forthcoming season and his character’s future.

Josh Dallas Never Lost Hope

During the interview, The Hollywood Reporter stated that early efforts to bring the second season of “Manifest” to Netflix were proving futile at the time the show was canceled. In light of the uncertainty, the source then asked Josh Dallas whether he had lost hope that the program will return. Dallas implied, “I did not lose hope, but I was absolutely heartbroken by it.” “…the notion that we were going to leave these individuals in the middle of a scene, but also in a terrible predicament, was very heartbreaking.

Consequently, I was somewhat depressed, but I did not lose faith that it was all done. The longer it went on, the less optimism there was, but at the same time, it began to rapidly increase in popularity on Netflix and never stopped. It remained in Netflix’s Top 10 for an extended period. So optimism began to return to a significant degree.”

Josh Dallas Never Lost Hope

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THR asked Dallas why he thinks Netflix changed its mind, taking into account the show’s viewership, given that it previously appeared doubtful that the series would be renewed by Netflix. Dallas acknowledged that the ratings undoubtedly influenced Netflix’s decision to revive the series, but he was most thankful to the fans.

“They expressed such admiration, affection, and enthusiasm for the show and its characters on social media,” Dallas stated. “They would simultaneously overwhelm NBC and Netflix, or anybody who would listen, with requests to bring the program back, which is something that could only occur in modern times. It was therefore a lovely and humbling experience.”

On November 4, 2022, Part 1 of Season 4 of “Manifest” will air on Netflix.