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Spoiler Warnings: Does Judy Die in Dead to Me Season 3?

*WARNING: Season 3 Dead To Me spoilers ahead*

Jen Harding and Judy Hale have handled the murders of their partners and forged a strong friendship while attempting to remain above the law since the show’s premiere in 2019. Season 2 concluded on a heart-wrenching cliffhanger when Jen’s fate remained uncertain following a hit-and-run accident caused by Ben’s drunken driving.

The newly released third season reveals that Jen’s injuries are thankfully not life-threatening, but the situation takes a devastating turn when it is revealed that Judy has cancer. The ominous prognosis has understandably caused fans to dread Judy, but will she survive to the end of Dead To Me season 3?

Judy Is Committed To Have Cancer

After their terrible vehicle accident in the season 2 finale, both Jen and Judy are rushed to the hospital for checkups and CT scans. At the conclusion of the first episode, the doctor returns with the results and informs Jen that she has cancer, but this is a red herring.

Spoiler Warnings: Does Judy Die in Dead to Me Season 3?

In the second episode, it is proven that Judy has cancer. Jen sat in Judy’s bed after spilling water on her own, which resulted in the doctor giving her Judy’s results by mistake.

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Tragically, Judy has stage 4 ovarian cancer, and we witness her receiving treatment and undergoing chemotherapy throughout the new season in an effort to combat the disease.

Does Judy Die in Dead to Me Season 3?

Yes, Judy dies in the season 3 finale of Dead To Me, albeit her death occurs off-screen. Despite getting therapy, it is found that the cancer-fighting efforts have failed, and Judy has only weeks to live.

Jen and Judy travel on a much-needed vacation in the final episode of the season, after successfully dodging the police and FBI inquiry into Steve’s death.

The pair intends to spend Judy’s final weeks at her and Steve’s beach house in Mexico, enjoying the sun, sea, and sand. On the final day of the trip, however, Jen discovers that Judy is nowhere to be found.

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Judy has gone out to sea on a boat to spend her dying moments on the water, where she feels most at peace, and to prevent Jen from witnessing her in pain as she nears death.

JEN tries to come to terms with JUDY’s death

Jen returns home in tears in Judy’s 1966 Mustang, the vehicle involved in the hit-and-run that resulted in the death of Jen’s husband, Ted, in the first season.

Jen has one more imagined conversation with Judy, who is seated in the passenger seat, before it is revealed that she is in fact sharing the car with the beach house cat, Sammy.

Jen strives to move on by attending her son Henry’s dance recital and informing Ben that he is the father of her pregnant child, despite her initial desire to stay in Mexico with Judy until the very end.

The third season concludes on a dark note, with Jen preparing to inform Ben that she was also responsible for Steve’s death.

Sadly, we’ll never see the repercussions of that chat, as season 3 of Dead To Me is the last.

The third season of Dead To Me is currently available to view on Netflix following its premiere on November 17, 2022.