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K-Pop Latest News Dawn and HyunA Breakup After 6 Year

K-Pop Latest News Dawn and HyunA after more than six years of dating: “Fans are not believing this, but this is true, and it must be acceptable to all K-Pop fans.”

Below, we discuss Hyuna and Dawn’s dating and breakup.

HyunA and Dawn, who began dating in 2016, parted after six years of a whirlwind romance, breaking the hearts of millions of fans. In 2018, the pair made their relationship official. As a pair, they developed a large following. As soon as HyunA announced their heartbreaking breakup on social media, it shook the Internet.


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Wednesday, HyunA posted on her Instagram account that she and her partner, Dawn, had separated. She admitted in the article that they’ve decided to separate ways while maintaining amicable relations.

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The K-pop artist also expressed gratitude for the support of his fans. Her status update stated, “We’ve chosen to be excellent friends and coworkers from now on. Thank you for your continued support and for caring about us.”

As soon as she posted it, fans rushed to the comment section to say what they thought about it. One person wrote, “I’ve never been in a relationship before, but this breaks my heart.


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I still respect their decision, though.” Another said, “We respect your decision! I hope for your happiness! And I hope you can find love, with him or with someone else! Don’t worry, baby, we love you no matter what! They are adults, it’s their relationship, so please stop the hate here.”

Earlier, the couple was thought to be engaged because they posted pictures of themselves with rings on social media. HyunA and Dawn both left the agency led by Psy in August. After they said they were dating, they both lost their jobs at Cube Entertainment.

The news shocked everyone in the K-pop spot. Some fans said they no longer believed in love, but others said they understood their choice.

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