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Lisa Simpsons, Voice Actor, Yeardley Smith, Almost Voiced Bart

Even if you don’t watch a lot of television or aren’t a fan of adult animated shows, it’s nearly difficult to not be familiar with “The Simpsons.” Since their 1987 television debut, the Simpson family have become internationally renowned icons of popular culture.

They have appeared in several television seasons, movies, and video games, and have even taken over a piece of the Universal Studios theme park. Their creator, Matt Groening, and the voice actors responsible for bringing them to life have become household figures in the entertainment industry.

Dan Castellaneta, who provides the voice of Homer Simpson, has grown to notoriety as the head of the Simpson family. Julie Cavner, the lady behind one of the most iconic television mothers of all time, Marge Simpson, is standing next to him.

Together, they raise their three children, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, whose voices are provided by Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, and, on rare occasions, Cartwright herself. However, when it came to the Simpson children, Smith was almost cast in a different part during the show’s development.

At one point, it appeared that Yeardley Smith might play the role of Bart Simpson. Here is how she became the voice of Lisa instead.

Smith first tried out for the part of Bart…sort of

Yeardley Smith participated in a digital interview with Ireland AM in late September 2022, during which she unsurprisingly discussed her fantastic stint on “The Simpsons” to date. She then reminded the audience of her audition for the show decades ago, revealing that she had indeed tried out for the role of Bart Simpson back then. However, the reality is not that easy.

Lisa Simpsons, Voice Actor, Yeardley Smith, Almost Voiced Bart

“Every lady that walks through the door is going to read to the 10-year-old boy. So reading for Bart was really a formality “Smith revealed that the casting director believed her to be an excellent fit for Lisa Simpson well before her audition.

Thus, Smith became Lisa’s voice actor, and the rest is history. At the time of writing, “The Simpsons” has already surpassed 30 seasons and shows no signs of slowing down. Smith continues to adore Lisa as if she were a real person, despite the fact that portraying the same role for so long would be a creative burden at this point.

She told A.V. Club that she finds her animated alter persona rather motivating “As much as [the authors] give Lisa at the beginning of each episode, they take it away 22 minutes later. It’s a marvel that this female is able to get out of bed again after 32 seasons.

“The Simpsons” is certainly one of the most successful television programs of all time, and while it would have likely been successful with Yeardley Smith as Bart, her casting as Lisa has gone a great way toward assuring the show’s popularity and endurance.

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