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Love Island Season 4: Exactly Who Has the Role of Host?

It was acquired by NBC after three seasons on CBS of the American version of Love Island. The move to Peacock, the network’s streaming site, will also allow the Islanders to better reflect the saucy (and somewhat explicit) nature of the original dating show.

Executive vice president of unscripted entertainment content Jenny Groom stated in February that “Love Island is a highly addictive dating format that is ready for a streaming service like Peacock where we can push boundaries and bring viewers steamy and dramatic twists.” We are thrilled to be able to bring an all-new version of the series to Peacock this summer after the U.K. format found fans around the world.

Seasons 4 and 5 have been given the go-ahead, and Peacock has teased “hotter than ever” episodes and couples.

A few raunchy clips were shown on Paramount+ during season 3, which premiered in 2021, but were not shown on CBS because they were too explicit.

Us Weekly exclusive host Arielle Vandenberg told Us in June 2021 that “for Paramount+ you’re going to get some extra steam” ahead of the season premiere. “As a result, Paramount+ will air any content that was not available for broadcast.” As a result, there is a slew of interesting, fresh, and novel items to discover.

Only time will tell if the new location for the reality show and the uncensored content it features will lead to long-term partnerships. However, the basic premise has not changed. A group of singles will be living together in a villa for the next month as they search for love.

Exactly Who Has the Role of Host?

There will be no Vandenberg emceeing for the new season of the show, which premiered in 2019. Sarah Hyland, a former cast member of Modern Family, signed on for the role in June 2022.

“I received a text message!!!!” What a delicious treat, too! Announcing her new role as the host of @loveislandusa, Bachelor in Paradise bartender-to-be Hyland shared a photo of herself on Instagram.

Is There a Date Set for the First Episode?

On Tuesday, July 19.

Is There a New Voiceover Artist in Town?

On June 15, Iain Stirling, the British version’s original narrator, was announced as the new voiceover star for the U.S. version.

Love Island Season 4 (1)

“We knew we had to get Iain on board the moment the decision was made to bring an all-new Love Island to Peacock,” NBCUniversal said in a statement. “Iain embodies everything that fans love about the show — humor, irreverence, and cheeky fun,” says a fan. Without him, Love Island wouldn’t be the same.”

Where Is This Being Filmed?

On the west coast of California, Peacock is filming season 4. The new season will have the same beachy vibes as season 3, which was filmed in Ninole, Hawaii, despite the fact that it is not an island.

What Are the Options for Engagement for the Public?

There will be a way for viewers to save some of the Islanders from being expelled. Additionally, fans can vote for their favorite couples, entice established couples to stray, and choose the winning couple in the finale.

A Teaser Has Been Released?

At Peacock’s June 2022 debut, Sterling provided narration and declared that the show would be “a wild ride” as a diverse group of contestants danced in pairs.

Who Will Compete in This Event?

On July 11, Peacock made public the names of the first group of Islanders. Five women will be staying at the villa this summer: Deborah “Deb” Chubb, Zeta Morrison, Courtney Boerner, Sydney Paight, and Sereniti Springs.

Love Island Season 4

According to their show bios, Deb, 26, wants a man who “loves his mom,” while Sereniti, 28, wants a man who is “family oriented.”