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Luke Grimes Admits That Riding Horses Made Him Afraid. The First Few Years Of Yellowstone Filming

Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) has been a recurring character in Taylor Sheridan’s “Yellowstone” from the very first episode, however, he has altered significantly since his debut. When we first encountered Kayce in Season 1, he had become alienated from his father, John Dutton (Kevin Costner), and was struggling to make ends meet working on the Broken Rock Indian Reservation after his father had kicked him off the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Kayce Dutton is hardly recognizable in Season 5. Throughout the past four seasons, he has climbed back to the top of the food chain at Yellowstone Ranch, eventually replacing Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) as the ranch’s foreman. With each passing season, Kayce has gradually become more immersed in the aggressive, dangerous lifestyle that is characteristic of those who work on the Dutton’s ranch, and has engaged in a fair amount of criminal activity along the way.

Fans may be surprised to learn that during his first few years in “Yellowstone,” Luke Grimes feared riding horses.

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Grimes was terrified of horses throughout his first two years as a hunter

Luke Grimes admitted during an interview on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” that he had never ridden a horse before joining the cast of “Yellowstone.” Grimes confessed that he was scared of horses when he initially began preparing for “Yellowstone.”

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“I was terrified for roughly the first two years,” said Grimes. “Apparently, it has a consciousness of its own. There are some near misses, causing you to feel a little fear. However, you can no longer worry about it.” Grimes continued by stating that if the rider is anxious, the horse will sense it, and the entire ride would go astray since horses are easily frightened.

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Given the amount of time that Kayce Dutton, and virtually every other character in Yellowstone, spend riding a horse, it is incredibly startling to learn that Grimes was frightened of horses for so long.

Interestingly, Grimes’ work with horses has matched Kayce Dutton’s work on the Yellowstone ranch, since both have become acclimated to their environment and the difficulties of daily living on the ranch. This required Kayce to reconcile with his father and endure the harsh lifestyle endemic to the Dutton family property. In the instance of Grimes, this meant learning to feel at ease while riding a horse.

Luke Grimes reveals that he was terrified of riding horses during the first couple of years of filming Yellowstone.

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