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MCC New code of Laws: Mankading no longer “unfair”; using saliva to shine the ball permanently banned

MCC has come up with changes in the laws abiding the world cricket. Seven laws have been rectified and introduced from October to be followed.

Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the custodian of cricket laws, has decided to move away from terming the law unfair to run out the non-striker’s crossing of the crease before the bowler completes his complete stride. The MCC, after researching rigorously, has come up with various laws that will change the face of cricket. The laws are expected to come into effect from October. Run-out at the non-striker’s end have often triggered conflict and heated arguments over the fairness of the play. However, with the recent law, bowlers are entitled to get the non-striker out if they move out of the crease before the ball is bowled.

Alongside the much debated Mankading, applying saliva n the ball to shine its surface is completely banned. The team would also be charged with five penalty runs if the fielders are found moving before the delivery.