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Here is Where You Can Watch Moonwalker by Michael Jackson Online for Free!

The world has a horrible history of taking away idols too soon, but the passing of Michael Jackson may be the single most devastating event that has ever taken place on this earth. His accomplishments in the music industry alone have won him a position in history that very few people can ever hope to reach.

As a result, the “King of Pop” practically does not require any sort of introduction. His colorful assortment of iconic albums, tracks, and music videos including “Bad,” “Thriller,” “Beat It,” and “Billie Jean” would help launch the artist into worldwide stardom, with his album, “Thriller,” remaining among the most successful albums of all time.

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“Bad,” “Thriller,” and “Beat It” would help launch the artist into worldwide stardom (via CNBC). Many people are taking the time to recall and honor Michael Jackson‘s many musical accomplishments as the day of his 64th birthday, which would have been August 29, approaches. It’s possible that some people are unaware of the fact that music was not the only form of entertainment that Jackson would go on to venture into.

Michael Jackson produced “Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker,” an ambitious anthology feature film, in the year 1988, when he was at the pinnacle of his career. This film is a series of experimental short films that either operate as long-form music videos to songs from Michael Jackson’s album “Bad” from 1987 or are titled after one of Jackson’s distinctive dance moves.

It is called “Thriller” after one of Jackson’s signature dance moves. Even though Jackson had acted in movies like “The Wiz” and “Captain EO” in the past, this would be the first time he would be in charge of his own cinematic vision. Despite the fact that it is not as well known as some of Jackson’s other works, the movie is nonetheless considered a cult classic and can be found very easily by fans both old and young.

Moonwalker is a Movie That You Can Rent on Amazon Prime.

In spite of the fact that the artist’s name is on the title, “Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker” does not have the most comprehensive selection of home media releases. In the United States, the movie was only available on VHS at the time of its initial release, and it was never made available on DVD or Blu-Ray in the country (via MTV).

Instead, the movie was only made available on Blu-ray in the United Kingdom region. The fortunate news is that spectators may experience Jackson’s vibrant vision on Amazon Prime, where they have the option to either rent or buy the movie.

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In a documentary that takes viewers behind the scenes of the making of Michael Jackson’s films, Jackson’s manager at the time, Frank DiLeo, reveals that the idea for the movie came to Michael Jackson as he was working on a plot for his song “Smooth Criminal.” This developed over time, as what started out as a short story evolved into a feature film that incorporated a number of Jackson songs with their own histories that were written by Jackson himself.

After then, Jackson would continue to work on the film while also juggling the demanding schedule of his “Bad” tour and the production of his record of the same name. Jackson would be responsible for the entire film’s financing, giving him full creative control over the project. Many famous people were involved in the development of the numerous portions that made up the film.

Will Vinton, who is most known for his unique Claymation method that he used to create the California Raisins, was one of those who contributed to the production of the “Speed Demon” episode. The piece titled “Smooth Criminal” was directed by Colin Chilvers, who is most known for his work as an effects artist on the first three “Superman” films starring Christopher Reeve as well as the first “X-Men” film.