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Why Did Michelle and Nayte Break Up? How Michelle is Getting Over Her Broken Heart?

Nayte Olukoya said that he was not unfaithful, despite what people said about him on Instagram. He said that he likes to hang out with his friends, just like hers, and that there is nothing wrong with that. He also said that it’s great they have lots of friends and that not everyone who goes to a bar is a cheater.

He also said there isn’t always one person to blame for a breakup, and he knows that many people think of him as a “f**k boy” or “red flag.” In his defense, he said he was a good person who, like everyone else, would keep getting better.

Why didn’t Nayte move to Minnesota after all?

In June, he told her that they had decided not to move in together right away because they wanted to get to know each other better first. He also said that life is not a race, and there are no rules or time limits for how a relationship should go. Michelle and Nayte thought they loved each other, and it made sense that things would work out in the end.

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They tried, but it didn’t work out, and now they’re both sad and grieving in their own ways. In June, Michelle said on “Almost Famous” that she didn’t think it would happen.

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Michelle and Nayte broke up over the phone

In the Viall Files interview, Nayte admitted that he broke up with Michelle over the phone, which is something no one should do, especially over the phone. All of this happened the week of her birthday when both of them went to Wango Tango. At the start of the week, things were a little rough. They fought right before the Wango Tango interviews. This started a conversation between Michelle and Nayte, which led to their third breakup.

(He also told her that he was crying while talking to her and that he had called her because he didn’t know what to do. The CMA was coming up the next week, and he didn’t think it was right to do press with Michelle. Michelle, on the other hand, asked Nayte if they went to the event, and he had to explain why.

He said he wasn’t going to do CMA because he couldn’t be with her anymore, so he broke up with her over the phone, which was a dumb thing to do. After the phone call, it took them six days to finish breaking up. During that time, they sent late-night texts and video chatted. In the middle of July, they stopped talking to each other for good.)

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According to Nayte: Michelle was texting a singer

Nayte said that insecurity was a big reason why they broke up and that the fact that she texted a country singer gave him bad ideas. He painted that he will never say it, but he doesn’t trust her. When he started to question her, it was a confusing time, and that made him doubt her. He said he was lying to Michelle and saw her texting a well-known country singer.

Are Michelle and Nayte still together after The Bachelorette?

Nyate knew Michelle was a famous person and that it was fine for her to text other famous people, but when he saw Michelle delete the whole thread and asked her about it, she said it didn’t make sense. She said she deleted the messages because the singer made her uncomfortable by asking her out for drinks.

How Michelle is Getting Over Her Broken Heart

Michelle realized in July that she has good days and bad days, and she is telling her close friends and former Bachelorettes about it to get help. She agreed that breakups are awful and bad. They hurt, and you can’t do anything about it, which makes it so hard.

You just wake up to pass the time, but you can’t speed up the process. You can work hard, but you can’t heal faster. She knows that this is not how it ends for her. She is in a bad place mentally and emotionally, and she knows how her heart feels, but she knows that this is how it ends for her. She also knows that she deserves to get to that point because of what she did.

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