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Who Is the Winner of Netflix’s Glow Up Season 4?

Glow Up has returned to Netflix for its long-awaited fourth season. Here’s a rundown of the Season 4 winner’s most memorable outfits.

Glow Up has returned to Netflix for its fourth season, which has been a long time coming. The hit reality competition series has makeup artists competing in a range of creative tasks to be the next great star. The first three seasons of the British drama spawned several memes and Instagram looks, but the show went on hiatus for over a year and a half after that. Season 4 did not disappoint, offering an even more bizarre mix of artists to show that the beauty profession is for everyone.

Netflix has continually delivered fantastic content, including this new addition to the Glow Up lineup, despite its recent decreased subscription figures. There were some very unique difficulties, with larger stakes than ever before, in addition to some of the most complicated looks – and possibly the most face prosthetics ever employed in a single season.

Among these was a Doctor Who brief in which the makeup artists (MUAs) were tasked with creating a look for a Cirque du Soleil performer that could withstand a physically demanding performance and a challenge in which the MUAs were tasked with creating a look for a Cirque du Soleil performer that could withstand a physically demanding performance. Season 4 of Glow Up is a must-see because the stakes were high enough to match the caliber of talent this cycle.

What exactly is Glow Up on Netflix?

What exactly is Glow Up on Netflix?

Glow Up is a reality show created in collaboration with the BBC that focuses on undiscovered or self-taught makeup artists looking to break into the beauty profession. Each episode begins with a professional challenge to put the MUA’s talents to the test, followed by a creative brief in which the artists have a little more freedom to produce a look based on a specific trigger.

The bottom two MUAs square off in a head-to-head fight at the end of each show, with the loser packing their gear and heading home. Glow Up gives these MUAs a platform to display their work as well as the opportunity to learn from actual industry veterans.

Who Won Season 4 of Glow Up?

Season 4’s talent was unlike anything Glow Up has seen before, and many fans praised it as the show’s best ever. Yong-Chin Marika Breslin was the season’s winner. The Glasgow-born MUA experienced ups and downs throughout the competition, landing in the dreaded Face-Off chairs twice, but her last clash versus front-runner Lisa Street was what propelled her to triumph. Yong-Chin won with an almost flawless yellow-to-blue smokey eye, which was the cherry on top of a very successful Glow Up run.

Yong-makeups Chin not only demonstrated technical proficiency but also helped the judges to connect with her as an artist, garnering her great accolades throughout the competition.

Yong-Chin Marika Breslin: Who Won Season 4 of Glow Up?

Her Professional Task victory with British fashion designer Mark Fast, as well as a challenge in which the MUAs had to make a memorable, entertaining, and Instagram-worthy film, were among her most outstanding moments. Yong-Chin also shone throughout the presentation with her body painting and artistic abilities. Overall, Yong-attitude Chin’s under pressure, tremendous technique, and dedication earned her the title of Top MUA.

Glow Up is distinguished by its creativity as well as its capacity to honor artists from all walks of life. Season 4 stepped up significantly, providing detailed, large-scale, and over-the-top makeups as well as more muted works that really pulled at the emotions of judges Val Garland and Dominic Skinner. As audiences want more varied programming, this season was a celebration of gay people, women of color, and so much more, and it was amazing to see these incredibly brilliant makeup artists get the opportunity to demonstrate their incredible abilities on such a wide stage.

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