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Newsmax fires Lara Logan following her remarks concerning Satan, migrants, and blood-drinking globalists

Former CBS News reporter and regular Fox News guest Lara Logan went so off-topic on former Fox News anchor Eric Bolling’s Newsmax show on Wednesday night that she is no longer welcome on the conservative network, according to Newsmax. The Daily Beast writes that Bolling invited her on to discuss immigration, but she ended up “pushing QAnon clichés, evoking blood libel, and fear-mongering about a ‘global cabal’ plotting to ‘dilute the pool of patriots’ in the United States.”

“Newsmax condemns in the strongest possible terms the abhorrent words made by Lara Logan, and her opinions do not reflect those of our network,” Newsmax informed The Daily Beast on Thursday. We have no intention of interviewing her again.

Newsmax fires Lara Logan following her remarks concerning Satan, migrants, and blood-drinking globalists

Logan began her remarks on Wednesday by predicting the Biden administration is attempting to engineer “a Reichstag fire” — an event the Nazis used to consolidate power and restrict liberties — before claiming she was shown a secret United Nations plan in which a “global cabal” would “dilute the blood of patriots” by importing 100 million immigrants, claiming God knows “the open border is Satan’s way of taking control of the world,” and insisting Israeli intellectual Yuval Steinitz

Last year, Fox News terminated Logan and canceled her Fox Nation streaming show for comparing Dr. Anthony Fauci to an infamous Nazi doctor. Since then, Justin Baragona of The Daily Beast says, “Logan has been more affiliated with the QAnon movement” and “has been publicly selling antisemitic stereotypes in recent months,” frequently focusing on “the Rothschilds.”

CNN’s Oliver Darcy comments, “Conservatives frequently complain about being de-platformed,” but “in this case, Logan has been effectively de-platformed by right-wing media sources such as Fox News and Newsmax, two networks that frequently feed concerns about the alleged repression of conservatives.” It demonstrates that people like Logan are frequently expelled from platforms not because they share conservative ideas, but because they are excessively negligent with their platforms.

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